How to cook Bicol Express

bicol express

Bicol Express is a popular Filipino dish from Bicol region. It is known to be super chili but we made an easy non-chili version of this dish.


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1-2 tbsp of oil
2 tbsp of diced garlic
2 tbsp of diced ginger
2 tbsp of shrimp paste
1 small onion diced
1/4 kilo of pork
1 cup of coco milk
1 tbsp of fish sauce
1/2 tsp of pepper
1 chili pepper (can be adjusted according to your preference)
1 stalk of scallion for garnishing

How about you? Have you tried cooking Bicol Express? Do you prefer it to be extra hot or non-chili like I do?

Did this recipe helped you? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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