We’re Pregnant!

we are pregnant

It is now exactly 9 months ago when I found out that we’re pregnant and I am now ready to share my pregnancy journey.


Just a little background – I have a PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My OB (that time), Dra. Maricel Ty have discussed that this has no cure but can be controlled.


Difficulty in getting pregnant is just one of the side effects of PCOS patients. It is indeed difficult but possible. Dra. Ty is very informative and have clearly explained that we need to go through a strict step-by-step process. If step 1 did not work for us, we’ll proceed to step 2 and so on. If we missed to do a step during a specific time frame, we need to start again with a new cycle. It’s also important that we begin with step 1 because as the process progress, it will get more complicated and more costly.


Let me briefly discuss the 3 steps:


1. Check if I have the ability to ovulate through the help of an ovulation pill.


Every first day of my menstrual cycle I have to take an ovulation pill. This would trigger my ovary to release a mature egg. Then from day 10 to day 18 of my cycle, we have to make contact.


If the reproduction is successful – we have a baby! But if not, I’ll have my period and we’ll start with a new cycle. We can do this for 3 consecutive months and if we continue to fail, we need to proceed to step


2. Check if my Fallopian tube is clear and Dee has an adequate amount of sperm cell.


After 3 failed attempts, our doctor will schedule us for a HSSG test. According to my research, this is an x-ray examination of my uterus and fallopian tube. A thin tube will be inserted and a special radio-opaque contrast material dye will be injected. The flow of the dye can be seen on x-ray and how it moves through the reproductive system. The dye will move freely if there’s no blockage.


3. Recommendation for IVF

Our Experience Getting Pregnant even if I have a PCOS

We are on our 3rd cycle  on Step 1 and up until that time we still have not conceive. Dra. Ty have already recommended me to take the HSSG test on the 2nd day of my next cycle. Unfortunately, it was already holy week and we are unsure that labs are open during that time. We just decided to try again for one more time and if we still fail we’ll proceed with the next on my next cycle. Since I’m already preparing for the examination, we didn’t put any pressure and just let it be.


By the end of April, I am waiting for my period and I’m already few days delayed. On April 29, I took the pregnancy test kit. The second line is faint and blurry. I thought the product is defective. I kept the PT in the medicine cabinet. On May 1, I took another PT and the second line is bolder and clearer. I double checked the first PT and the lines are more prominent!


Initially, I felt scared and have asked myself “Am I ready to become a mom?”, “Can I be more mature enough to handle the responsibility of a parent?”


But all these thoughts were instantly replaced by excitement and gratefulness. Dee and I will be a parent!


I kept the good news to myself for a few days because I wanted to surprise Dee. I prepared a letter with our picture and PT. We were having breakfast when I gave him the box. When he has read the letter and saw the PT. He instantly asked me if this is a prank. When he realized that it’s for real, his eyes became teary and hugged me.

Finding our OB

Next step – Make sure that the baby in me will grow healthy and will be safely delivered.

OB 1: Even though I love my first OB because she’s a good doctor, very informative and nice, I have to let her go. When we found out that we’re pregnant, I’m excited to tell her the good news but sadly she’s out of town when I visited her on her clinic. After a week, she’s still out of town. We have to make a decision. We can’t risk that we can’t contact her especially if there would be any emergency.

OB 2: This is the OB next to my doctor’s schedule from the same clinic. She was the reliever of Dra. Ty. On one of our check up when we are still on Step 1, she immediately prescribed Duphaston. This is known to help a pregnant woman develop a healthy womb lining (pampakapit) and at the same time it can also help a non-pregnant woman trigger their mens. She also offered that I can get that from her for a cheaper price.


I declined. First – I have taken an ovulation pill so if I’m not pregnant I’ll definitely have mens with or without Duphaston. Next, if ever I’m pregnant I wanted to make sure that there’s really a need for me to take ‘pampakapit’.

OB 3: I thought this is a good doctor since she is affiliated to big and known hospitals. Unlike the first two OBs that I’ve tried, she has her own secretary and has asked me to fill out a form during my first check up with her. I think I’ve written more than necessary information needed for the first check up. Majority of the question were about our financial capability. I’m thinking that this maybe a protocol on the hospital she’s affiliated with. During our check up, I am explaining few of the things I am experiencing on this pregnancy. I also asked if I can take a rest from work and she responded “No, you need money.” I was dumbfounded with her reply. She did not even request for any test to check if my baby is healthy inside.

OB 4: I’m almost 8 weeks pregnant and until this time I have not found a reliable OB. I am getting frustrated and worried because I’m clueless what to do next. I’m not even sure if on what I the condition of baby inside me. Two of my friends recommended Dra. Olivia Ocampo. My first friend said that she is the OB of her two sisters. She’s very good, hands-on and practical. My second friend has been working with her inside the delivery room and can attest that she’s a good doctor. She also has delightful reviews by her previous patients from FB groups and mommy forums.


I checked her schedule and went to her clinic for a checkup. On our first meeting, she was surprised that I have not taken any test yet. She requested to have my urine and blood tests. She also wanted me to have an ultrasound by OB and not radiologist. She have suggested clinics with affordable ultrasound by OB.


The succeeding checkups were a breeze and I know I found the one in her.


She’s a great OB and can be strict at times. She’s very particular with my weight and with that I’m extra cautious with what I eat. She’s very straightforward and does not sugarcoat. On top of that she’s very practical. She have been suggesting ways on how we can save money during this pregnancy.

Our Pregnancy Journey

Preg' (3)

Dee & I decided not to post anything related to pregnancy because we wanted to enjoy this journey privately. We like to figure things out on our own and would not want to hear many unsolicited advices (even though they mean well). After sometime, we personally announce the good news to our family and close friends.


First Trimester

I can say my first trimester was a breeze even though I have to take a rest from work during my 3rd month. One of the things I was very thankful for is I did not experience any morning or evening sickness!


Second Trimester

On my 5th month, I went back to work. And the time flied so fast! Before I knew it – I was already on my third trimester.


Third Trimester

I can say this is the most uncomfortable month for me. My tummy is not that big but I easily get tired. I wanted to sleep but I can only sleep in one position.


Preg' (1)

It was indeed one of the most difficult phase in any woman’s life but definitely the most beautiful stage as we transition to motherhood.

How about you? How was your pregnancy journey?
How did you find “the one” OB for you?
Let me know on the comment section below.

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