Audrey’s Baptism: A simple pastel themed party

Last Saturday (April 13), Audrey was baptized as Roman Catholic and I wanted to share how we planned it and who were our suppliers.

Audrey was born last December 28. Even before her birth, Dee and I wanted to have her baptism before the Holy Week because we intended to visit her great grandmothers. As early as January, I was already checking out inspirations from mom blogs and forums. We were also listing the things that we prefer to do in her day.


Initially, we wanted a simple baptismal rite with few guests – our immediate family and the god parents. With 20 pax on our list, I was already looking for a possible small venue. My inspiration was Xavi’s dedication (Liz Uy’s baby) – It was just a private function room with one long table.


Then, the plan was adjusted when our parents wanted to invite few more important people. It’s true – the more the merrier!

Church: Parish of Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Our first choice was Sacred Heart Parish Kamuning. But I don’t like the idea that they are not requiring us to make any reservation or booking prior to the event day. We will just go there on the event day 30 minutes in advance to settle for everything. My OC self is hesitant about this. So I looked for another church and I found Parish of Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

What are their requirements?
  1. Birth Certificate (Certified True Copy or NSO Copy)
  2. Letter of Permission from the Parish Priest
  3. Filled out Application form


Birth Certificate – Since Audrey was born 3 months ago, her Birth Certificate NSO copy is not yet available. Good thing, I have already worked on her Certified True Copy last February.


How to get CTC?

  1. Go to the QC Hall (or the municipal hall where your child was born)
  2. Request for the Certified True Copy
  3. They will provide a slip that you’ll present when you claim the document. It also includes the date and time when you should get back.


Letter of Permission from the Parish Priest

 How to get letter of permission from your parish?

  1. We just went to our parish office
  2. They asked for the name of church and its address
  3. Pay for the processing fee
  4. Get your document 2-3 days after (or it depends on your parish if they can complete it ahead of time)


Fill out application form

It includes: Name, Birthday, Address, Contact no, Parents name, Place of Marriage (Parents), Main Sponsor, Other Sponsor

Note: There’s no need to bring your own candle because they’ll provide the candle for the parents and sponsors.


Contact Details
Parish of Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Daily Mirror St. West Triangle Quezon City
371 – 9102

Reception: Plana’s Pantry

Since that the parish is located near Tomas Morato, we have many options for reception. We have already shortlisted few restaurants on the area.


First on our list is, Plana’s Pantry. When we had our ocular – it was a love at first sight! The place is eye candy and only needs minimal decorations to personalize our event. We also ordered the food that we plan to serve and it was a bomb! We didn’t look any further and decided to book them.


No wonder this is one of the most recommended restaurants by moms, who have also planned intimate parties.


Foods were served on a sharing plate per table (6 pax per table). Here are the foods on our choice package: Lengua, Hickory Barbeque Ribs, Carbonara, Tomato Basil Pasta, Pesto Rice, Corn & Carrots, Unlimited Iced Tea and Handcrafted Ice Cream (Avocado or Chocolate).


Our guests loved their food! Everything that they served was delicious. Few of our guests who were on Keto have given in to their Pesto rice and Avocado ice cream!


Contact Details
Plana’s Pantry
Ground Floor Hi Top Supermarket, Quezon Avenue cor Sgt. Esguerra St. Diliman QC
0916 704 3527 or 374 7255

Decoration: DIY

Since Plana’s Pantry is picturesque and aesthetically beautiful as is, we only added few minimal decorations. My event stylist friends – Dhice Dulgach & Shane Tuble designed the venue and arranged the decorations.

Pastel Balloons, Tutu Crepe Paper, Paper Fan & Happy Christening Banner


I bought these from Divisoria but you can also order all of these from Shopee. I was on Divisoria for other stuff and since I’m already there, I just bought the decorations to save on shipping fee.


Tip: The pricing on Shopee is almost the same as the pricing in Divisoria. I’m recommending you to order thru Shopee for your own convenience.


I ordered this on Shopee.

Fairy Lights with Clip & Letter Board
All bought from SM Department Store.

Audrey’s photo print out (3R size) 16 pcs
Dee printed them in Wonderphoto. I’m not happy with the result because the print out is darker than the actual photo.

Take your seat sign and table numbers
Free because I just printed them at home

Other stuff care of Plana’s Pantry for free
Cake table, cake stand, giveaway shelf, use of speaker and microphone, placemats, centerpieces

Cake: Grechelle’s Kitchen

I can’t remember how I found Grechelle’s Kitchen on IG but I’m so glad I did! I wanted a beautiful two-tier rosette cake with pastel buttercream frostings. I just sent her my peg or inspiration and she delivered a more good-looking cake! She made my dream come true. Since, we received two cakes that day, I gave this cake to our in laws and they said that it’s delicious.


Click here for their instagram page


Cake Topper: Dear Belle Décor

I wanted to have a simple cake topper that’s easy on the budget. Upon checking, Dear Belle Décor has the most reasonable pricing for a cake topper. I also show them my peg cake topper and my peg cake. They took care of the design.


After I have placed my order, I didn’t receive any update from them. I thought that they’ll be sending me a photo of the final design and/or lay out. But I was surprise that it was being delivered.


Nevertheless, I love the cake topper that I received. It was a lovely addition to our cake.


Click here for their instagram page


Dress: Little Blessings & Gingersnap

Audrey wore two dresses that day: one for her baptism and the other one during the reception.


Her lola bought a long baptismal dress from Little Blessings in SM Department Store while we bought her a cute baby romper from Gingersnaps.

Giveaway: DIY

I decided to make my own Aromatheraphy Pillow. When I was still pregnant, I am not allowed to take any medicines, so I was using an Aromatheraphy Pillow to relieve my muscle pain.


I wanted to share the same relief that I felt. But buying the same pillow from the same shop is a too expensive for me. So I made them instead, from stitching fabrics to adding grains and aroma oils up to packaging – it’s all DIY. I’m still thinking if I can make a business out of this.


Photographer: Charlie Click’s Photography

I don’t want to get a professional photographer anymore but Dee wanted to.  He fancies to print the photos and put them in a nice album. I then looked for a decent photographer with the most reasonable price.


Moms from FB groups have been telling me that I will not find any photographer with professional fee lower than Php 2,500. But I’m happy that I found Charlie Click’s Photography!


When I checked their page, I see that they took good photos despite their low PF. Good thing that they are available on our event day so I instantly book them! Our photographer that day is Marvin. He came on time and was super friendly. Check out their photos below:


Note: I find some of the photos a little bit harsh due to flash usage. I made a minor edit and soften them.


Click here for their FB Page



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