How to be a VIP Member of theAsianParent Philippines?

When I posted my first mission yesterday as a VIP Member of theAsianParent, few of my mommy followers asked me how to be a VIP member too. On this blog post, I’ll discuss its benefits, requirements and application process.


Check ouy my VLOG on my first mission - Tiny Buds Play House

Last year, I’m always on the web searching for articles and content to help me prepare for birth and motherhood. I often stumble upon theAsianParent Philippines website because they have so many helpful articles concerning motherhood and parenthood.

When I started attending mommy events, I discovered that theAsianParent Philippines is one of the largest parenting communities and content platforms. I also learned that they have an app that is available on Play Store and App Store.

First, let me briefly discuss what is a regular membership before I go on with VIP Membership.

How to be a regular member of theAsianParent Philippines?

  1. Download theAsianParent application.
  2. Sign up and create your profile.

This is the app's homepage. Its lower panel has 5 icons which are the app's most used pages.

This is the page where you can interact with other members. You can post a question and other members can answer based on their knowledge and experience. There is also a “Poll” area, Photos, Latest and Trending. You can also browse by topics like Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Pre-Schooler, Toddles and many more.

This page shows articles and contents on pregnancy, parenting, local celebrities, family and home.

Your Baby/Your Pregnancy
This is a well-crafted page. This page shows our daily guide so we know what to expect from their development on physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, speech, and language.

This showcase a collection of video and audio files that we can use depending on our baby’s age.


On the upper left corner, there’s a menu bar icon.


  • Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tracker
  • Food and Nutrition
    This page shows a list of food with their nutritional value. You can also see here if they are safe for pregnant, moms who just gave birth, breastfeeding moms, and your baby.
  • Checklist
    A page where you can see a list of baby milestones. When your baby had already accomplished a skill, you can check the tick box to mark as done.
  • Medicines
    Here is where you can check if the medicine is safe to take if you are pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • Activities
    There’s a list of activities and it has an indicator it’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding


  • Ask other parents

  • Photobooth
    This is their dedicated feed for all the photos shared by the parents. Usually, the posted photos are babies and their milestones.

  • Poll
    The community can voice their opinion by answering the poll questions.


  • Contests
    A page that will show you the list of contests open for participation. Usually, they’ll ask you to take a screenshot, reshare on your IG story and mention theAsianParent Philippines. You will also have to enter your contact details.

  • Points – As a member, you will get points for every interaction.
    When you answer a question, you’ll receive 1 point.
    When you participate in the poll, you’ll receive 2 points.
    REMINDER: You can only get a maximum of 30 points each day.

  • Rewards
    This is where you can use your accumulated points. You can redeem products, services, vouchers, and other activities.

  • Leader board
    This page shows the top member based on their earned points.

  • VIP Member
    Last but not least – VIP Member. When you are already a regular member, you can apply to be a VIP Member.

How to be a VIP Member of theAsianParent Philippines?



  • You need to be a parent or pregnant
  • You need to have 1,000 followers either on your Facebook or Instagram
  • It’s a plus if you have a blog.
  • You should be willing to post sponsored posts on your social media platforms.
  • You cannot be part of other loyalty/rewards/membership programs organized by any other parenting communities or platforms.  


  1. Get the opportunity to review products, and get paid for your review.
  2. Have access to exclusive giveaway not open to the entire audience.
  3. Get exclusive invites to events organized by TAP or TAP’s clients.


  1. Go to the VIP Member page and click apply.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. After submitting, usually it takes 2-4 weeks to review your application. I waited 2 weeks before my application was approved.
  4. Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirming your VIP membership. You can also log in to their dedicated page for VIP Members and TAPfluencers.
  5. You will now start to receive email notifications if there will be new missions.

That’s it, mommies and daddies! It’s very easy.I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comment section below if you have apply for VIP Membership.

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5 Replies to “How to be a VIP Member of theAsianParent Philippines?”

  1. Hi Mommy Abby!

    Thank you for sharing this with your readers! We look forward to growing our VIP community in the Philippines and it is truly an honor to have you as part of it.

    Just want to clarify re. the criteria listed above, the 1st 4 are correct but the last part which states, “you cannot be part of any loyalty program organized by other parenting community” is not part of the criteria listed in the app 🙂 However, we also do encourage VIP moms to be active users of the app too!

    Thank you and we hope you’ll be part of our upcoming VIP moms projects.

    1. Hello TheAsianParent Team. 🙂
      Thank you for your response. I actually saw that on the FAQ page when I log in to the VIP member/Tapfluencer site. 🙂 Anyway, I updated my blog and remove it already.
      I’m happy to be part of this community. Hope to see you again on the future events.

  2. Hi, i like your blog. I really want to start my own blog but i just don’t know where? Which blogging site should i start. Can oyu please recommend one and preferably free? Thanks

  3. Hi , I want to be part of VIP members in AsianParents App. But I’m very confused with the “PinCode” that I need to fill out in the registration requirements.. What kind of pincode should I put. Thanks

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