24 Countries that Issues eVisa to Filipino Citizens

In the Global Passport Power Rank 2023 by Passport Index, the Philippine passport power ranks 79th in the world. This means Filipinos can travel visa-free to 37 countries and visa on arrival in 18 countries. Moreover, 24 countries also issue eVisa the Filipino citizens.


So what is eVisa?

An eVisa (electronic visa) is a digital or electronic version of a traditional paper visa. It is an official authorization document issued by a country’s government that allows foreign travelers to enter and stay in that country for a specified period and for specific purposes, such as tourism, business, or study.


eVisa is similar to traditional visa but tourist can apply though the official website of the country’s immigration or consular department. Usually, an applicant is required to fill out an online form, upload required documents and pay the necessary visa fee.


Once approved, the eVisa is usually sent to the applicant via email as a PDF document, which can be printed and carried along with the traveler’s passport. Immigration authorities at the destination country will then scan the eVisa and stamp the traveler’s passport upon entry.

Here are the 24 countries that issue eVisa the Filipino citizens.


Balloon ride over the Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Djibouti 👉 eVisa
  • Equatorial Guinea 👉 eVisa
  • Nigeria 👉 eVisa
  • South Sudan 👉 eVisa
  • Uganda 👉 eVisa
  • Tanzania 👉 eVisa / visa on arrival
  • Lesotho 👉 eVisa (14 days)
  • Togo 👉 eVisa (15 days) / visa on arrival
  • Malawi 👉 eVisa (30 days) / visa on arrival
  • Mozambique 👉 eVisa (30 days) / visa on arrival
  • Congo (Dem. Rep.) 👉 eVisa (90 days)
  • Ethiopia 👉 eVisa (90 days)
  • Gabon 👉 eVisa (90 days)
  • Guinea 👉 eVisa (90 days)
  • Kenya 👉 eVisa (90 days)
  • Madagascar 👉 eVisa (90 days) / visa on arrival


Structural Temple of Bada Bagh, India
  • Armenia 👉 eVisa (120 days)
  • Nepal 👉 eVisa (150 days) / visa on arrival
  • India 👉 eVisa (30 days)
  • Iran 👉 eVisa (30 days)
  • Uzbekistan 👉 eVisa (30 days)
  • Kyrgyzstan 👉 eVisa (30 days) / visa on arrival


The Famous Saint Basil's Cathedral in Russia
  • Russian Federation 👉 eVisa (15 days)


Traditional village - Papua New Guinea
  • Papua New Guinea 👉 eVisa (60 days)

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