I’m on social media detox

Today I deactivated my social media accounts and I never felt this free for a long time.

It was November last year when I felt that I needed a social media detox. I was postponing it because I have ongoing projects, giveaways, and contracts. I keep moving it, week after week. Then I realized that the collaborations keep coming in. I felt trapped in a never-ending “influencer” cycle.

“When can I go on a detox?” I asked myself. It was only until today that I finally had the courage to say NO.

…to the unpaid event invitation
…to the unpaid demanding post requests
…to forced social media engagements
…to crappy Instagram algorithm
…to tedious giveaways

When I started last year, my goal is to share my motherhood stories and inspire new moms like me. I wanted to write about my experience. After a year, I’ve only posted a few blogs and most of them are product reviews! I’ve spent so much time on social media and its algorithm. I thought I could beat the system but I’m wrong. I am not cut out for this.

Today I’ll pause and focus on my blog. See you in the next blog post!

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