A morning in Tukadon, San Mateo Rizal

Many kids (and parents too) are excited to hear about this news. For a few days now, many visited malls, museums, parks, play spaces, and restaurants. Of course, kids need a breather too after being quarantined for almost two years.

We also want Audrey to experience playing outside our home but we still have to be extra-cautious. We avoid indoor spaces and prefer outdoor parks with only a few people.

Yesterday, my father visited his construction project in San Mateo Rizal. The said project is a few meters away from Tukadon.


Tukadon is a popular destination among bikers (siklista) because of the steep uphill roads. Bikers say “Tukod ako don”. More than the challenging road, it’s also popular because of the picturesque view of the metro.

How to get there

From my parent’s home in Quezon City, we drive all the way to Aurora Blvd. We turn left heading to A. Bonifacio Avenue. We passed by a few popular spots in Marikina like the Marikina bridge and Marikina Sports Center.

We turn left to Katipunan ext then right to Gen. Ordoñez ave. We passed by a few places we usually visited before – Pan de Americana and Flamingoes Garden Resort.

We turned right to Champaca st then another right to Azucena st. After passing through the entrance – Monterey Hills Phase 2& 3, we know we are already near the area.


There is no entrance fee.

Where to eat

There are 4 eating spots in the area:

Mountain View Coffee Milk and tea

Iced Cappucino

Amazing Grace City Escape Diners

Tukadon Biker’s Cafe

Tuktok Biker’s Camp

Side trip:
Bikers often visited the Our Lady of Mediatrix of all Grace because it is within the area. Unfortunately, it is closed during our visit.

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