Restaurant Review: Lunch at Señorita Rica, Antipolo

Last weekend we went to Antipolo for a road trip. Around lunchtime, we saw a new restaurant along Sumulong Hi-way so we decided to try it out.


The place is cozy and offers a picturesque view of the metro. They offer different dining-in options:

1. Main restaurant – It’s spacious and has around 6 tables that can fit 4-6 people. There’s a closed area beside it and looks like it will still expand in the future.

2. Kubo – If you prefer a more intimate area, you can eat inside the kubo.

3. Overlooking Kubo – There are also kubos along the cliff. It has a karaoke that you can rent for Php150/hr. 

4. Viewing Deck – Viewing deck restaurant is also available. There’s a fee of Php 50 / hour.

I liked that there are many restrooms/CR around the place. There’s also a sink with hand soap and water. Their restroom is decent but can be improved.

They also have ample parking space.


The crews are nice and friendly. However, I think they are understaffed during our visit. It took more than 45 minutes before we received our order. They served the mango shake when we are already done with our meal. We followed up three times.


We ordered Binagoongan, Pinakbet, Calamares and rice. Even though the service time is long, it’s worth the wait!

Binagoongan – (Php 300) The base bagoong is extremely good. It has the perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness, and savory. The pork is crispy and crunchy and topped with fried eggplant.

Pinakbet – (Php 220) This vegetable dish shares the same base with binagoongan. It didn’t disappoint too. I love that the veggies are still crunchy and not overcooked.

Calamares – (Php 280) The calamares have a crispy coating and the squid is super soft. It is perfectly paired with their tartar sauce.


This restaurant is worth a try. I would definitely go back or eat here again if ever I’m around the area.

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