Quezon Memorial Circle (QC) is now open to kids

We were car strolling around Quezon City Memorial Circle because that’s the safest way that Audrey can still see the world outside our home. We passed through the entrance along with the plant shops and were surprised to see that few kids were running around.

We didn’t know that kids are already allowed to go out at that time. We have not been watching the news. It was only then that we found out about this.

Since there were just a few visitors that time we decided to let Audrey run around for a bit.

Audrey is thrilled to run!

It’s a pleasure to watch Audrey and all other kids enjoy what it’s like to be a kid.

However, this might be our first and last visit to QC Circle this year as the place gets more and more crowded now.

But if you are planning to go to QC Circle, here are few tips that I hope will help you.

  1. The place is open from 5 AM to 5 PM. It gets crowded past lunchtime. The safest time to visit the place is around 5 AM to 9 AM as there are only a few joggers around.

2. Avoid the water fountain area near the plant shops. Visitors usually flock around there. Also, kids go crazy when they see toy vendors.

3. Avoid the playground if it’s crowded.

4. Continue following the safe distance, use alcohol often and wear a face mask.

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