Gentle + Classical Press: Unit 2 Activities

On our 2nd Unit, we are getting the hang of it but we still have a lot to improve. 


I am the good sheperd. John 10:11

The scripture is similar to the previous unit. So we just continued using the same print out from previous unit.

Character & Catechism

I am patient. I put off for later what I want right now.

I followed the Teacher’s Notes and used the tune “Are you sleeping?” – “I am patient, I am patient, Yes I am. I put off for later, what I want now… what I want now.”all throughout the day every time I noticed that Audrey is becoming impatient.


Fish swim in the ocean.

We had many activities about fish.

  1. Fish-themed sensory bin. This is my first try at making a sensory bin. Our bin is an Urban Kitchen food storage. We need a bigger bin! 
    We got the ocean action figure set from SM Toy section. I’ll update this when I found the link.
    Urban Kitchen Square Bin 
    Blue Waterballs
  2. Cutting and memory game activity
    Toddler Bladeless Scissor
    Printable Link – Under the Sea preschool pack
  3. Fingerprint Fish
    Tempera Paint
  4. Book: Fish is a Fish by Leo Lionni

Math + Basic Skills

1 to 1 correspondence

Wood Counting Board This is a set of 10. I just purchased additional wooden beads

Social Studies

Months of the Year

Book: The Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice Provensen
This book is about a farm and how the animals and environment adapt to the changes each month.

Printable & DIY Paper Plate – Months of the Year

Health + Safety

I can wash my face

Audrey already knows how to wash her face so I’ll just share our little win. We have successfully set up a mini personal care station for her in our small bathroom. 

Motor Skills

Jumping Jacks

We were also on the move for this week. I wanted to share how she tried to plank as part of her exercise. 

Language Arts

Hickory Dickory Dock

I noticed that Audrey enjoys and pays more attention if there’s a mini-book as we read and sing along. 

I got the free printable for Hickory Dock here. 

Letter of the Unit


We supplemented the Gentle + Classical Press with The BIG Book of Alphabet Activities

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