Gentle + Classical Press: Unit 3 Activities

Hello, Mommies! We have to take it slow for Unit 3 because I just had my Astrazeneca Vaccine. This is one of the good things about homeschooling as we can adjust the time frame. I am slowly learning to be gentle with myself and our family.


I am always with you. Matthew 28:20

I didn’t get to print out the memory statement for the week. I read this out loud to Audrey hoping she can memorize it but she did not.

Character + Cathecism

Who made everything? God.

We read again the story of creation as a reminder that everything she sees on earth are all made by God.


Birds hatch from eggs

I use this Chicken Life Action Toy as a visualization that birds hatch from eggs.

The Chicken Lifecycle Print out is from Curriculum Castle.

Chick to Hen book that I bought from BookSale

Math + Basic Skills

Count to 10

We have been incorporating counting into our day-to-day activities. As a visualization, I printed this to build a fence that can fit popsicle sticks.

Social Studies

My family is Tatay and Nanay

I made a puzzle with our names and our faces. Audrey enjoyed matching our faces with our names.

Health and Safety

I can wash my hands

Audrey already knows how to wash her hands long before. But I still printed this step-by-step instruction on how to properly wash hands. 

Motor Skills


This is the highlight of our week. I received this gift from Woak.Ph few months ago because they were happy that I featured them on my previous blog. I initially thought that Audrey might get overwhelmed with the hammer and nails, but it was just all in my head. She enjoyed this activity so much!

Language Arts

Five Little Monkeys

Another hit for the week is this Five Little Monkeys. I know that Audrey prefers to have an easy-to-read book for our Language Arts lesson. We sang this at least 10 x a day!

I got this from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.

Letter of the Unit


This is supposed to be C is for Cat but she decided to make this a goofy cat! 

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