Audrey’s 2nd Birthday – Private pool party during the quarantine

It’s the time of the year. And I would say this over and over again – the nights are long but the years are short. It seems like yesterday when we celebrated Audrey’s first birthday. Now, she turned two!

This year I wanted to celebrate her life and highlight the activity that she enjoys the most – playing with water. Since the Philippines are still under quarantine because of the global Covid pandemic, the celebration is as intimate as possible.

We rented a private pool in Antipolo and only invited our immediate family – Dee’s side and my side.

We chose Alysa 1 Private Resort because it’s stunning and has a Santorini vibe, so we don’t need any decorations anymore.

Booking is easy. I just sent an inquiry thru Facebook messenger. They are very responsive. They are also very responsive thru text and call (09175651311).

The rate they provided is Php 8,000 for Day Tour. We can use the resort from 8 AM to 6 PM. Included in the package are:

      • Guests up to 30 pax as of writing. This may subject to change depending on the resort and quarantine community guidelines (We are only less than 10)
      • 2 air-conditioned rooms with 2 queen-size bed and 1 sofa each room
      • Free use of videoke. This may change depends on the time slot on the community guidelines.
      • Free use of griller, refrigerator
      • A gas stove is also available for an additional Php 100

They require a 50% downpayment to reserve the date. By the way, the price may subject to change depending on the season.

On the day

They asked us to fill out our names as part of the Contract Tracing procedure. They also checked our temperatures. Afterwhich, we paid the remaining balance and an additional Php 1,000 for a security deposit. The security deposit is refunded after the security check when we checked out.

Will I Recommend

Yes! For me, they are one of the fairly priced private resorts in Antipolo. They are perfect venue for small family gathering, who wanted to have a breather during this tough time.

Audrey’s reaction upon seeing the resort

Resort Gallery

Our Handa

DIY Samgyupsal

Alyssa Private Resort Contact Information

Alysa Private Resort

Address: Taktak Road 1870 Antipolo, Philippines
Facebook: Alysa-Private-Resort
Mobile No: 09175651311

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  1. Hi po! I happen to visit your insta and site after you had leave a comment to my daughter’s picture. OMG. you have so many followers. How’d do you gain so many followers like that. You are such an inspiration. May I know how did you start. Thank you! ❤️

    1. Thank you for your kind words Kath! 🙂 I started getting more followers on Instagram way back in 2015. I remembered how happy I am when I hit my first 1,000 followers 🙂

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