I thought that we will survive with only cotton and water until Audrey is potty trained. BUT I’M WRONG. After her 3rd month, we decided to switch to wet wipes because her poop is getting more intense.

Today I’ll talk about the first baby wipes that I fell in love with – Playful Baby Wipes. I discovered them at Momzilla fair. (Click here to see the rest of my haul.)

Playful Baby Wipes is manufactured for and distributed by Primero World Alliance Corp. This is a Filipino brand that has been in the industry for 8 years now. They have been committed to making us (parents) and our babies happy and playful. Aside from baby wipes; they are also selling baby disposable diapers.


    • Hypo-allergenic – To protect baby’s delicate skin from allergens
    • Anti-Bacterial – To safeguard the baby from bacteria
    • Alcohol and fragrance-free – To gently care for baby’s sensitive skin
    • With aloe vera and Vitamin E – To keep baby’s skin healthy and moisturize
    • Thick and Soft Sheets – To softly caress baby’s skin while wiping


Thick and Soft Fibers, Purified Water, Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E Extract

I love Playful Baby Wipes and have convinced my mommy friends to make the switch too.

    1.  It’s true to its word – it has thick and soft sheets. The thickness level of wipes is very important for a mom like me especially now that I have a growing baby. When I used it, the poop does not soak up the wipes. Whatever you wipe, it only stays on one side of the wipes.
    2. It’s ingredients are very straightforward and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
    3. I like that this is fragrance-free and even if it does not contain any fragrance, it eliminates to poop odor.
    4. We didn’t experience any allergic reaction.
    5. It’s very affordable. I usually get their Php 160 bundle. 2 x 90 sheets + 1 x 30 sheets.
    6. It’s available on Lazada with cheap delivery (Php 45). It is also available on Puregold Groceries.
    7. Lastly, I have been a big supporter of local brands. I am proud to say that they are Filipino made.

I was provided with a free product.
All thoughts and opinions expressed in blog are my own and not influence by the brand.

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