8 Cool Tropical Airbnb Stay in Laguna

Laguna is a province brimming with natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational activities. Just a short distance from Metro Manila, this picturesque destination invites guests to explore its enchanting waterfalls, hot springs, and verdant forests. Here are the best Airbnb in Laguna for your serene retreat.


CAMP-T-HOUSE is located within the BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti: “The Glamping Capital of the Philippines!” Just like with the Filipino Folk Architecture and the Zen Japanese House, T-HOUSE is basically EMPTY. Hence it’s easier to transform from working space to a resting place.

Enjoy focused attention, not interruption nor any distraction. Love small, live simple. It invites you to experience a simplistic minimalist kind of lifestyle. Bring nothing but yourself, your work gadgets and some basic essentials.

Cavinti Island

Retreat to a small and secluded island with a simple but comfortable bungalow. The house has one bedroom, a kitchen, a spacious living room–and stunning views of the lake!

Glamping Etc . Philippines

Redefining the meaning of ‘Glamping’ in the Philippines – Glamping Etc . Philippines.  Stay in a Geodesic Dome tent with a breathtaking view of sunrises over the lake. You will also find the most beautiful kaleidoscopic sunsets and star lit skies.

Green Glamper

Wake up to the luscious green sceneries of the trees & lake right in front of you. Green Glamper  is nestled in the heart of Lumot Lake- a perfect retreat & escape from the chaotic city life & immerse yourselves in the serene beauty of great outdoors. Feel the comfort of our stylish & cozy huts, pavilion, amenities, while enjoying the adventures in the lake waters and woods.

Forest Hideaway

Forest Hideaway sits right in the middle of a 70-hectare forested and farm land. Abused by illegal logging, with love and hard work by our family elders, the land now boasts of rich biodiversity.

The Island Hut

Escape from the busy life in Manila and travel to Cavinti, Laguna (3 hours away).
This is a native style home in the middle of the Lake Lumot, with commanding view of Mt. Banahaw and perfect sunset views.

The island is spacious and clean. Create happy memories bring your family & friends; share a unique & unforgettable experience at our wonderful place Sierra lake house.

Club Cali

Enjoy the best nature has to offer. Feel your every day stresses melt away with this special and unique experience. The cabin is located on a private island which hosts 2 other unique A-frame cabins.

Ted’s Bed and Breakfast

Ted’s Bed and Breakfast offers wonderfully relaxing, comfortable and non-smoking accommodation. The cabins are air-conditioned, with amenities like cable television and heated showers. Each cabin has its own porch with outdoor seating, ideal for lounging around or just to sit and enjoy the lush landscaping around the property. All cabins are wheelchair accessible.

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