Why do we homeschool Audrey?

Before the pandemic, Audrey has tried the Merry Messy class by Stairs Learning Center. It is a progressive class that focuses on learning through play. She always looks forward to her Saturday sessions.

Stairs Learning Center - Merry Messy Class
Stairs Learning Center - Merry Messy Class

But the pandemic happened, so everything shifted to online classes, which is not suitable for her young age. We tried one trial class. She liked it when they played sing and dance videos, and art activities. She cried with other activities.

Frankly, I also think that enrolling Audrey right now is financially unwise because technically, we don’t need to do so. In the Philippines, I can officially enrol her to any provider (homeschool or not) once she is five years old.

Also, I think that the amount of effort that I’ll provide is just the same. If she is enrolled in an online Pre-K class: 

  • I’ll be preparing the materials needed for the activity
  • I’ll set up her learning station/space
  • I’ll be within the area during the class

Lastly, after our trial session, I saw that she’s disinterested in the online learning stuff. I kinda forced her to sit down in front of the laptop which made her cry almost half the time of the class.

That’s when we looked back to our homeschooling dream and we decided, yes – homeschooling is the best option for us. We’ll homeschool until she’s 5 and we can re-evaluate by then.

We also thought that we’ll invest in curriculums, worksheets, books and other learning materials which can also be used by her sibling IN THE FUTURE.

Why did we decide to homeschool her?

    1. We can personalize and adjust her learning. I wanted her to learn more than what are indicated in the curriculum. 
    2. We wanted to nurture her childhood wonder and curiosity.
    3. We wanted her to learn and not be pressured by academics and grades.
    4. We wanted to be involved in her learning journey especially during her primary years. 
    5. We wanted to be intentional in teaching her the word of God.
    6. Once the pandemic is over, we wanted to travel often just like before. We can bring the learning materials with us and we can study wherever we are.

I also created homeschool diary social media pages – “MuntiStory” (Instagram & Facebook) because…

    • I wanted to document our homeschooling journey
    • I wanted to share our activities; curriculum-based or DIY
    • I wanted to share the curriculums that we’ll try
    • I wanted to meet homeschooling families
    • I wanted these pages to serve as our motivation to continue doing so

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