Review: Fisher-Price 8oz Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle

Fisher-Price is a well-known baby brand worldwide. When I saw this feeding bottle in SM East Ortigas, I’m more than excited to try it.

Today, I’ll review the Fisher-Price 8 oz  Wide Neck Feeding Bottle. 


    • Anti-colic
    • Easy to hold

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For your child’s safety and health

1. Before each use, inspect the product & pull the teat in all directions. If there are any signs of damage or weakness throw them away immediately.
2. Always check the temperature of the bottle before offering it to your baby/
3. Never heat a sealed bottle in a microwave oven.
4. Although not recommended, if you wish to heat the bottle using a microwave oven remove the teat, cap & cover before heating.
5. The outside of the bottle will be cooler than the inside. Shake well to ensure the heat is distributed. And always check the temperature of the bottle before offering it to your baby.
6. Always use the product with adult supervision.
7. Keep all components not in use out of child’s reach.
8. Feeding teats must not be used as dummies/soothers/pacifiers.
9. Do not drop teat in sweet substances (syrup/honey) as this may lead to tooth decays and damage to teeth
6. Do not leave feeding teat in direct sunlight.


Since I don’t stick with only one brand for baby bottles, Audrey is comfortable using different feeding bottles. We didn’t experience any challenges when we introduced the Fisher-Price Wide-Neck Bottles.

What I like about Fisher-Price Wide-Neck Feeding Bottles

    • It is one of the most affordable feeding bottles with great quality
    • True to what’s indicated in the box, it’s anti-colic. We didn’t experience any tummy problems while using the product.
    • It’s easy to hold.
    • It’s easy to clean since it is a wide neck.
    • It’s spill-proof
    • The teat is made of high-quality silicone. 

What I don’t like about Fisher-Price Wide-Neck Feeding Bottles

    • The measurement indicator is just embossed. There were times that I find it difficult to read.

Will I recommend Fisher-Price Wide-Neck Feeding Bottles?

Yes! I can say that this is a bang for the buck. If you are looking for affordable baby bottles but don’t want to compromise quality, you should definitely try this one. 

Where to buy?

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