I am now one of the #HomeTestersClub moms

As a mom, I only want what’s best for Audrey and now that she is growing up, she needs milk that will support proper growth and mental development.

In this blog post, I’ll talk about Promil Four and the Taste it, Test it Challenge.

About Promil Four

Promil Four is the formula milk with nutrients expertly formulated to support the child’s proper growth and mental development to help nurture the gift. It is now fortified with Oligofructose (a soluble dietary fibre), Vitamin K, and Manganese. The new formula also has no added SUCROSE ( table sugar).

– It contains DHA, Folic Acid, Lutein and Choline that are vital for mental development.

– Vitamin D and Calcium support the normal growth and development of bones and teeth
– This is a high source of Vitamin B12 and Iodine.
– This is also a source of Iron, Zinc and Selenium that contributes to the normal function of the immune system

Now it only takes 3 tablespoons to help support proper nutrition.

Step 1: Pour 210 ml of lukewarm water into a cup
Step 2: Add 3 heaping tablespoons
Step 3: Stir until powder is fully dissolved


  1. Prepare only one serving at a time and make sure your child consumes the milk immediately
  2. Do not keep unfinished milk, discard the contents.
  3. Close the pouch tightly after each use and store it in a cool dry place.
  4. Use within 2 weeks after opening
  5. Fill is by weight, not volume. Some settling of the powder may occur.

Breastmilk is best for babies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. PROMIL® FOUR is for children aged 3+. This is not suitable for use as a breastmilk substitute.


I was challenged by one of my mommy friends to try the ‘Taste it, Test it Challenge’. The said challenge means for three days I’ll consume 1 glass of Promil Four a day.

Since Audrey is a BLW baby, it is actually norm for me to try the food and drinks first before I offer them to her. When I tried the Promil Four, I was surprised that it tastes milkier with no added sugar. On the other hand, Audrey is also as excited as I am to try the Promil Four and nothing could stop her from finishing the glass. Both of us liked Promil Four and I would definitely include this on her daily meals.

I am now one of the #HomeTestersClub moms that will switch to Promil Four after the 3-day trial. Not only because it has less sugar but also because of the nutrients that will help develop both Audrey’s brain and body so she can shine the brightest.

I also encourage you to take the challenge too! Discover the #TasteitTestit Challenge here: https://www.promilnurturethegift.com.ph/htc

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