Hotel Review: Astoria Current

Some says it’s not an ideal destination if you want a total relaxation as it gets really crowded regardless of the season. But then, your vacation will really depend on how you spend it and who you are spending it with.


In our case, we spent it in one of the newest boutique hotels in Boracay – Astoria Current which is conveniently located on Station 3. As part of the Astoria Hotels and Resorts, you’ll be offered with contemporary aesthetics that’s designed to keep up with millenials.


Astoria Front

How to get to Astoria Current

Hotels in the island offer air-conditioned shuttle service from Jetty Port to the hotel for your convenience but, of course, this comes with a good price. If you don’t really want to splurge, you can skip the shuttle service and hail a tricycle.


The travel time is approximately 10-15 minutes. Usually they’ll charge you Php 100 to Php 150 (depends on how great you can haggle).

Our Astoria Current Experience

Honestly, I don’t have any clue on where are we going to stay since Abby had planned it all. When we got there, there are still ongoing constructions. Since it is still their soft launch, I didn’t have high expectation. I told myself, “Let’s wait and see”.



The concierge confirmed our reservation and they served us our welcome drinks and towel to freshen up. Sadly, our room is not yet available for early check in so we have four hours spare time.


During the first hour, we stayed in the pool area and relaxed for a bit. The area have outdoor furnitures used for laying down and sun bathing. After which, we headed to eat our lunch.


When we got back, our room is finally available! Since our room is on the 4th floor, one of their crew assisted us and carried our luggage. Upon reaching our floor, I was amazed with the view – famous crystal beach of Boracay.


Inside the room – it’s not a typical “boring” hotel room. Their interior designer knows how to play with aesthetics. Every details of the room are well-thought-of. Starting from the paint, design, graphics, color choice, furniture, lay-out… everything! To be frank, the color palette is a little close to neon but this is far better than the usual neon things.




What also made our room stand out if they don’t use door – a typical door perhaps. The bathroom has frosted glass as a door while the main entrance to the room is really made of transparent glass that is only covered by thick black out curtains.


We don’t have anything planned on our first night and we opted to just drink and chill later. It’s past 4PM when we decided to try swim on their pool area. This is conveniently located near the dining area. The glass side of the pool made it stand out from the usual swimming pool.




What I would also like to share the convenience I experienced, not only on this hotel but also with other hotels we have stayed in: is that there is no need to bring your wallet or card and you can charge your orders to your room which is payable upon check out. You can really enjoy your relaxation and chill by the pool.


Their staff also handed us a towel which we can use by the pool or by the beach. They also informed us that can dry our swimming clothes after.




The following morning; we had our breakfast at around 8AM. They offered breakfast buffet with variety of choices and man, everything was delicious! You can choose from the usual Filipino breakfast: tocino, tapa, dried fish paired with garlic rice. They also have omelet station and they cooked your egss according to your preference. Aside from that, continental breakfast option like pancake and waffles are also available. For beverage, you can either have a cup of coffee or fresh juices.  While for desserts, rice cakes and fresh fruits are your options. I tried every dish and was indeed pumped up for our 2nd day in this paradise.



The Room

We stayed in a Deluxe Room located at the 4th floor. For two nights, we paid for Php 8,900 inclusive of all taxes and fees.




I know all the rooms have the same inclusion:

  • Safety deposit box
  • LCD cable television
  • DVD player
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee/Tea maker
  • Microwave
  • Hairdryer
  • Complimentary rubber slipper
  • Cotton towels

But what I love about our room is the bathtub!



Our stay in Boracay maybe short but Astoria Current made it worthwhile.

How about you? Have you stayed in Astoria Current before? How was your stay?
Would you like to stay with them to? Why or why not?
I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop a comment below

Contact Information

Address: Sitio Mangayad, Brgy. Manoc Manoc, Station 3, Boracay Island Malay, Aklan 5608 Philippines
Official check in time: 02:00 PM
Official check out time: 12:00 PM
Phone Number: (+632) 687.1111 loc 8024 / 8302 / 8110, (+63 2) 335.111

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2 Replies to “Hotel Review: Astoria Current”

  1. Good to know that you both had amazing time in Astoria Current. But for me letting you wait for 4 long hours to check-in was not really a good start. Thanks for sharing your review. We’re planning to visit Astoria Boracay soon so I hope we’ll have a good experience by then. 🙂

  2. Hi Joy! Thank you for dropping by. Yeah, we were actually sad that they could not accommodate an early check in during that time since it’s peak season. But over-all we are still satisfied with our stay. I hope that you’ll have a wonderful time on your future stay with them.

    -Abby 🙂

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