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Rating: ★★★★★

Launched on 2015, Daily’s Diet Delivery is one of the newest Diet Delivery services (DDS) in Metro Manila.

Branded themselves as more than a weight loss program, they provide a healthy and positive lifestyle by delivering healthy and calorie counted meals.  It didn’t take long before they became a popular choice of the market. Now, they are known for delivering appetizing meal sets that won’t make you feel you’re on a diet.

My Daily's Diet Experience

I’ve tried three different DDS before them (though I have not made any review with the first two DDS yet). In calorie-counted plan, I don’t set high expectations. I prepared and conditioned myself to eat bland dishes. Lower expectation means low chance of disappointment. So, I feel #blessed whenever I receive yummy meals. Yey!

This week, I tried Daily’s Diet. Actually, I was excited to start because I have read so many good things about them – prompt delivery, excellent customer service and most importantly, delicious and savory meals. For the first time, I expected a little more from DDS and indeed, they did not let me down.




Baked Sloppy Joe Potato Boat. This is a good start for the week. It’s a mashed potato with few grated cheese and served with tomato based sautéed ground pork and beans.


Japanese Beef Misono with Poached Egg. When I opened my lunchbox, I was disappointed to see the small serving of rice. I told myself, “Here’s what you get for wanting 1000 calorie diet”. As I consume my lunch, my disappointment was slowly replaced with pleasure. This is a great meal! Each component perfectly complements one another. The beef tastes like a genuine beef.  The side dish – toge is yummy too! I don’t know how they did it but it’s really good!


Linguine Puttanesca. Even if I find the pasta a little bit hard, it is still a satisfying meal. The sauce is flavorful. I can really taste the ingredients incorporated in this dish – tuna, olives, parmesan cheese and cream.


Mango, Melon and Grapes


– – – – –




Pumpkin Carrot Oat Pancake. Pancakes have always been my comfort meal for breakfast. It’s easy to prepare and very straightforward to eat. I usually add in maple syrup and butter or whipped cream if I wanted something creamy. Today, Daily’s Diet delivered my comfort meal with a twist. They tossed in pumpkin, carrots and oat in the batter. And to add creaminess, there’s a table spoon of yoghurt on the side. I did not know that yoghurt can also give the creaminess I usually get from whipped cream. It’s not too sweet nor too sour and most importantly healthier.


Chicken Shawarma Rice with Garlic Yoghurt and hot Sauce. For my lunch, I receive another delightful meal. Lying in my lunch box are 5 strips of chicken, veggie mix (carrots, cabbage, cucumber and bell pepper), small serving of rice and garlic yoghurt. I can’t explain how satisfied I was with this dish. The chicken is juicy and has the right flavor that made me feel like I got this from an authentic shawarma house.


Lemon Caper Fish Fillet Spaghettini. The first unfamiliar food I received from them and it’s refreshing to eat something you’ve never tried before. It smelled like labong for me. The dish is soury and after three spoonful, I got used to it. I realized that it’s not bad after all.


Apple and Banana

– – – – –




Forrest Ham, Swiss cheese and Caramelized Onion English Muffin Sandwich. My third breakfast from them is very delicious. I felt full after consuming everything. Indeed, ham and cheese is a tried and tested combination but it became better with their honey mustard sauce.


Sake Steamed Clams with Mushrooms and Vegetables in Soba Noodle Soup. This dish is too salty for me. I even asked Dee to taste it and yes, it’s really ‘maalat’. I didn’t finish the whole meal.


Grilled Chicken Inasal with Atsara over Ginger and Turmeric Brown Rice. I’ve been craving for Mang Inasal and its chicken oil for few days now. And I couldn’t be any happier when I see that I’ll be eating Chicken Inasal today. The chicken strips are comparable to Mang Inasal’s. Meat has burnt edges but doesn’t taste burned. Despite being a breast part, it is still juicy and flavorful. Atsara is good too! Another satisfying meal from Daily’s!


Pineapple and Watermelon

– – – – –




Chocolate Mango Granola and Graham Crepe. I love this breakfast – a perfect combination of oats, grahams and mango wrapped in crepe topped with chocolate. The taste reminds me of the mango graham cake, which became popular few years ago.


Chinese Beef Tips with Brocolli and Shitake. Daily’s diet did it again! They served another great lunch. I can really taste the beef in every bite and is served with broccoli, which I also love.


Mexican Ground Chicken Tacos Salad. I made a mistake by putting this in chiller along with the other meals. So when I was about to take my dinner, the texture of the lettuce is not that good anymore. It’s a little frozen. But despite that, I enjoyed eating this meal. The combination of mango and corn is something you should try.


Pears with Cinnamon. The only snack that I didn’t like. It tasted “panis”.


– – – – –




Roasted Tomato Soup with Sliced Soft whole wheat loaf. It’s soury because of the tomato but at the same time creamy. I dipped the bread to the hot soup and it’s good!


Tuna Sisig and mixed Veggies. If there would be a rice meal that I don’t like, this would be it. The sisig is a little bit spicy and mixed with mayo. I felt like I’m eating a tuna spread with rice.


Grilled Salmon with Sour Cream and Dill Whole Wheat Wrap. I thought I wouldn’t like this dish but Daily’s Diet proved me wrong again. The fish is not ‘malansa’Ang sarap talaga!


Ponkan and Apple 


I received 15 meals and 10 snacks.

How many dishes did I like?

Breakfast – 5/5
Lunch – 3/5
Dinner – 5/5
Snack – 9/10
Total – 22 / 25

What I like?

  • Definitely their meals! Everything is delicious and satisfying. No words can explain how satisfied I am with their meals. I’m glad I tried their services.
  • They made me feel like I became a part of their exclusive circle because along with my first meal set, I also receive a welcome letter.
  • The delivery time is consistent – before 7PM :-).
  • Except for the cinnamon pear, all the meals didn’t get spoiled.

What I don’t like?

  • I booked them on Wednesday. Come Saturday, we got an invitation for an event on Sunday. I inform them that nobody will receive the meals on Sunday and if it’s okay to deliver it on Monday morning. They replied, “Okay Ma’am! 🙂 Noted po”. I was under the impression that it won’t be delivered on Sunday. On Monday, one of my neighbors knocked in my door to give my first DDS meals. They said that it was delivered last night and since I am not around they received it and put it in their refrigerator. I felt a little ashamed because it was such a hassle for them.
  • Since they are not including disposable utensils, I separately purchased them.
  • Packaging can also be improved. I love their meals but not their packaging. Everything is put in a brown bag. There’s one instance when I received a torn paper bag. The delivery guy apologized and explained that it got torn with the way he handled it.

Will I purchase again?

Yes! Definitely! Once I’m done with my DDS project I will book for a month with them.

How much will it cost me?

1000 calorie plan (for weight loss) is Php 1750. If I’ll get it for month, the total cost would be Php 6600 (save 400).

This includes
3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
2 surprise snacks
1 brown bag

Actual rate and packages
Calorie Counted Meals
1,000 calories – PHP 1,750
1,200 calories – PHP 1,950
1,500 calories – PHP 2,200
1,800 calories – PHP 2,450

Other Packages
Medical Diet Therapy for Diabetes
DASH Diet for Hypertension
Low Uric Acid

Contact Information

Daily’s Diet
Click here to go to their Instagram
Click here to go to their Facebook

Mobile: 0920 978 8618

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