Restaurant Review: Midnight snack finds at Pan De Manila

Whenever I’m craving carbs past midnight, Pan De Manila is the first thing that I usually think of. So last night, I visited their branch in Kalayaan ave. to get my carb fix.

Their pandesal is one of my favorites. Pan De Manila guaranteed that this is freshly baked every day. The bread is still warm as they put it inside the paper bag. I also liked that they use Bromate-Free flour, and contains NO preservatives, artificial color or flavor.


Their store also offers different products:

Speciality Breads

Classic Breads




Ice Cream


Banana Loaf
This is Dee and Audrey’s favorite. The loaf is a crumbly in my opinion. The toppings is lightly crusted. The sweetness is just right. This is perfectly paired with a glass of milk or coffee.

Cheese Sticks
This is my go-to Pan De Manila snack. I wished they can add more cheese 🙂

Soy milks
Since I am toning down my sugar intake, I find their soy milk a little bit sweet for me now; even though I love this before. I hope they could have a sugar-free option for soy milk.

Peanut Butter
Their peanut butter is creamy and easily spreadable. Their peanut butter doesn’t hardens and stays soft and creamy for a long time.

Pan De Manila

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