Fineti Spread Review

Pinoys have sweet tooth and only few can resist the temptation of eating chocolates.
So when the choco hazelnut spread was introduced in our country, it was an instant hit.

What is choco hazelnut spread?

A thick spread made up from hazelnut, milk, chocolate and sugar. It gives sweet, nutty and chocolatey goodness in every bite. This is best served with bread or fruits or whatever your heart may desire.

Nutella is the top and, for some, the only brand choice for this kind of spread. But, there are more affordable brands than can also satisfy your chocolate cravings.


One of which is a Romanian brand – Fineti spread.


This company offers two types of choco hazelnut spread at different packaging sizes. The first one is “Fineti spread – Cocoa, hazelnut and milk,” while the other one is “Double Cocoa”.


When I tried the first I was impressed with it. The texture is smooth and creamy. But if you’re a lover of brand “N”, you might get disappointed with its taste. It’s less sweeter and less chocolatey but good enough for it’s price. I like that I don’t feel ‘umay na’ even after consuming many servings. Indeed, they provided a good alternative to budget concious folks like me.


However, they may need to improve on their packaging. The product comes in a plastic cup with lid. This is not spill proof and can easily be damaged if not handled properly. Ants can also crawl in the cup if left outside the refrigerator.

Where can I buy Fineti Spread?

Big grocery stores like Robinsons, SM, Super 8 and Puregold have this product.

How much is Fineti Spread?

200 grams (single) Php 66.50

400 grams (double) Php 115.00

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