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One of the pioneer in Diet Delivery Services (DDS), Delicious Diet offers more than calorie-counted meals. For 3 years, they have been delighting customers with tasty and balanced meals, superb customer service, prompt delivery time and consistent love for them.

I heard Delicious Diet from
(I’ve been following her for awhile on her diet delivery journey 🙂 Hi, Kat! Hehe)

So when I visited their social profiles I was amazed on how they’re engaged with their clients! At the back of my head, that’s what exceptional customer service means. The extra mile they gave, made them stand out from the rest.

What am I talking about? Let me cite a few…
  • They professionally respond to every comments. Even if the answer is, DUH, already visible in their bio. I’ve seen this many times before and I know you do too… others will just snap to their clients by saying “Please check our profile. It’s already there.” Can’t they be more patient, it’s still their client after all. 🙂
  • They’ve been introducing ways to give more convenience – monthly plan, many options to pay and more.
  • They’re very responsive to queries (whether thru pm and text). And if they can’t respond that soon, you’ll receive an auto-response message with a brief explanation why they can’t reply.
  • The extra effort and creativeness they give to showcase their daily meals. I know you find their feeds eye candy too! It’s #feedgoals!
  • They make their client’s feel that every reviews and feedback about them is important by thanking them for the positive review and taking note on the not so good.
  • And many more…

I was actually hesitant to try them because they only serve 1 snack. That might not be enough for me. But when I saw that they will be delivering for three days this Holy Week, I realized now is the good time to try their services.


Note: I only book for 3 days because no one will receive it on Sunday night.

Day 1

Delicious Diet (2)


Spinach Mushroom and Cheese Omelet with Rolls
Omelet is not my personal favorite but I ate it. This is a so-so for me. What I like about this dish is that the amount of cheese is generous.


White Adobo and Organic Rice
Another okay meal from them. The sourness of adobo stood out when I’m eating it. At first I though it was dinakdakan (that’s how sour it was). So when I look back at their menu, I was surprise to see it’s white adobo.


Grilled Chicken, Mediterranean Quinoa
I haven’t eaten quinoa before so I have nothing to compare. I just find it odd because it’s somewhere between rice and oatmeal. It’s rough, grainy and tiny. On the other hand, the chicken is juicy but tasteless. I didn’t looked grilled and more like boiled.


Revel bar
If there would be a meal from them today that I like, this would be it. The revel bar is yummy and big enough to be a snack. It’s chewy and very chocolatey.

Day 2

delicious diet delivery


Pulled Pork and Egg Sandwich
My second breakfast from them includes scramble egg again. I’m sorry, I didn’t eat it.


Salmon with Pineapple salsa and brown rice
I love this! The salmon seems pan fried with no oil. It’s juicy and tasty. The salsa is also good too.


DD’s Cheesy Lasagna
This dish lives up to it’s name – it’s cheesy and really a lasagna.

When I saw the serving, I was a bit excited for my dinner. I told myself, “This is a diet meal for them? WTF!” It’s appetizing. And when I took my first bite, all my cravings were satisfied. I remembered my mom’s lasagna served on special occasions (like the scene in Ratatouille).


Apple Streusel Muffin
I love this snack too! It’s crunchy on top and chewy inside. When I reheated it, the aroma of cinnamon and sweetness is very evident.


I received 6 meals and 2 snacks.

How many dish did I like?

Breakfast – 0/2
Lunch – 2/2
Dinner – 1/2
Snack – 2/2
Total – 5/8

What I like about Delicious Diet?

  • The serving is VERY VERY generous. You won’t really think you’re on a diet.

  • I love their snacks!

  • Meals did not get spoiled

What I don't like about Delicious Diet?

  • Dishes is either hit or miss for me.

  • They only include 1 disposable spoon and I have 3 meals to eat. So I am using separately purchased utensils.

  • Delivery time of way too early for me 5 PM for day before consumption.

Will I try it again?

Maybe. If I wanted to feel that I’m eating more than 1200 calories, they will definitely be in my shortlist.

How much will it cost me?

1200 calorie plan (for weight loss) is Php 1800.

This includes:

  • 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 1 snack
  • 1 white paper bag
  • 1 orange plastic
  • 1 disposable utensils
  • 1 tea

Actual rate and packages:

Calorie counted meals
1,200 calorie – Php 1800
1,800 calorie – Php 2400

Contact Information

Delicious Diet

Contact numbers: 0908 879 7915

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