Helmet Diving in Boracay

Helmet Diving is one of the activities that we wanted to try even before reaching Boracay.


On our 2nd day in Boracay, we started it by exploring Puka beach. After spending some time there we decided to go back to D’Mall for lunch.


Even before we reached our lunch destination, someone approached us and asked if we want to try their set of water activities.

Note: This is very common in Boracay. There are local folks roaming around the beach offering water activities to tourist. To get the cheapest cost of every activity, you can practice your haggling skills here. And if you don’t want them to pester you every now and then, politely tell them you’re done with those activities.

Our Experience

We asked him the cost of helmet diving for two. Initially, he said Php 1600 (800 / head). We told him that someone in front of our hotel offered us Php 1000 for the said activity. After few discussions, he decided to give it to us for Php 1200. The price seems fair enough so we decided to go for it.


The price is inclusive of helmet diving experience and CD containing our photos and videos underwater.

The diving place’s floating platform is few meters away from the shore so we rode a speedboat to get there. When we got there, we listed down our names and arranged our valuables. After the registration, the diving master, who later accompanied us, explained the basic hand signs we need to know before going down. This will be our way to communicate to him and to one another.

Here are some of the hand signs that were taught to us

  • Making a circle out of your thumb and point finger means you are good / okay / alright.
  • Pointing your thumb finger upwards means you want to go up.
  • Square sign means the dive master will take a picture of both of you.
The almost 10 Kilo helmet was heavy enough to keep our gravity under the sea. Abby decided to go first so she walk down the steps slowly and then the helmet was placed over her head. The dive master guided her underwater. It was my turn then, so I simply followed what she did.I know how to swim but there was still this fear of swimming in the sea. A lof of what ifs, but hell to those what ifs! We have a guide and there was platform above so I’m sure nothing bad will happen to us. Yet still prayed for our safety.

While going underwater, I was amazed how clear it was down there. It felt like I was in a huge aquarium. The water started to enter my helmet and we were informed that it was normal. The helmet was filled with 1/4 of water.

We walked in the sand underwater and check out of some of the reefs. However there is a limit to how far we can walk since the helmets have cables that can only reach a certain distance. The air that we breathe underwater comes from the cable connected to the helmet.

The dive master took pictures of us and a short video. He also gave us small bread that we used to feed the school of fish. Once you throw it all of the fish will go towards you and eat it. Good thing though they didn’t fight each other when eating. Usually once someone has already acquired the bread the rest will leave and just wait for another one.

The whole activity took almost 20-25minutes and it was a surreal experience. It was unique and unforgettable.


After the activity, we paid for it, gather our things, and rode a boat to get back to the island. The CD containing our pictures and video was just sent to our hotel’s lobby.

If you will ask me if I’ll try it again, DEFINITELY! I like to experience it again! Hope I was able to share something useful.

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