Momzilla: My first mommy fair

Momzilla Fair - Photo by Cocoon Studio

I’m new to this “mommy world”. At first everything is overwhelming but as I go along, I am learning to love and embrace this new chapter in my life. I didn’t know that this “mommy world” has a strong and big mommy community. They regularly gather and support one another, isn’t it amazing?


Yesterday I joined in one of the most anticipated gathering of this community – Momzilla! This is organized by Think Pink Events. As a first timer, I felt comfortable and  well taken care of. They have considered all our needs as a mom and made our visit as pleasant as possible.



If you’re thinking to check out Momzilla, here are the things that you might also enjoyed.




The Parenting Emporium is a parenting company that creates a better parenting community thru educational workshops or classes.


This is the reason why I was enticed to join in this fair. I signed up for their “Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Growing Brain”. The talk is facilitated by Dra. Angel Dy.


The discussion is straightforward and very informative. She talked about the basic parts and functions of brain and how these affects brain growth and development. She also included the 5Rs that we can use to support our baby’s healthy brain growth and development. She’s very accommodating and even answered Dee’s last minute question after the class.






I enjoyed lounging inside their Breastfeeding and Changing area. There were goodies and testers inside.

  • Lactation goodies from Ava’s Kitchen, Lactation Treats Ph and Sugar Sensation Ph
  • Breastfeeding Tea by HerBilogyPh
  • Disposable cleaning tools from Baby Moby Ph and Cycles Baby Ph
  • Cleaning Soaps from Human Nature, Cradle Natural, Nature to Nurture Ph and Tiny Buds Baby
  • Oil Diffuser from The Essential Queen
  • Diapers from SweetBaby Dry
  • Sterilizer from Upang Ph
  • Room sterilization and Purifier from UV Care





Since Audrey is still small, she cannot yet appreciate a big play area. But I noticed that the other kids were really enjoying the free play. Their mommies had experience a worry-free shopping because their kids get busy playing.

  • Bouncy House by Caleb’s Inplaytafun
  • Gym & Ball Pit by Fun Nest
  • Adventure Zone by Strider Philippines
  • Sensory & Pretend Play by Won of a Kind.





I didn’t have any plans to purchase anything, I just want to window shop. BUT I also have a mental note of the things I wanted to check out. Dee and Audrey stayed on the activity area while I roamed around. There were so many good deals and discounts that day. The promodisers were pleasant to speak with. They informed me the benefits of their products without any pressure of buying it. I was delighted to get know few new brands and their products. In the end, I purchased more than what I planned plus I receive many freebies.




On the entrance, there’s a well-thought-out photo area designed by Design Choose Days. The impressive photographers of Cocoon Studio will take your family pictures. Sadly, the photographer was on break when we got there.





On the entrance too, there’s an ice cream cart. They’ll ask you to download Asian Parent app and you’ll get a free ice cream. Good thing I already had long long before.



I mentioned earlier that I did not plan to buy anything. I just want to window shop and check out the participating brands. My strategy (and what works for me) is I wait for mom sales online then I hoard. So I really don’t need anything because I have many stocks on our home.




TINY BUDS RICE BABY POWDER2005-2019-085542210480350486941.jpeg2005-2019-083967710464605390068.jpeg

I noticed that Audrey has few prickly heat rashes on her neck. I asked my mom friends thru IG stories and almost all of them recommended this. We are going to try this and will post a review soon!



MORRISON STRETCH MARK LOTION2005-2019-084852510353453625502.jpeg


Even though I’m proud of my battle scars since those have brought Audrey in our lives. Still I wanted to try if this product really works. Ate said that it will lighten the marks after 3 weeks. Let’s see. I am documenting my journey. Hopefully, I’ll get a positive result.


PLAYFUL WIPES2005-2019-080656010491488407773.jpeg

Playful is a local/Filipino brand that I’ve been checking out. The promodiser showed me how thick and soft their wipes are. I was amazed on how it really is. The quality looks good and it’s affordable.


ANKOU AIR TIGHT MILK CONTAINER2005-2019-083122210336150887484.jpeg


I’ve been checking out this product online. Most of the online stores are shipping this from overseas and I have to wait for a month before I receive it. I’m glad I saw this in the fair.


123 BABY2005-2019-083565110340579733317.jpeg

This is our choice of dishwashing liquid. They were 15 pesos off that day plus I got a Cusina dish washing liquid for free. Check out my review here.


CHUNKY CHEWELRIES2005-2019-083811010343038220295.jpeg

Audrey is now on the teething stage. These colorful teething bracelets hopefully can help her sooth her sore and itchy gums.


I didn’t know that mom fairs can be this fun.

I’m happy that my first mom fair is Momzilla. I am now looking forward to join in future mom fairs to
..attend parenting classes
..get to know new brands
..purchase and try new products
And probably to meet new mom friends.

How about you? Have you ever been to mommy fairs before?
If yes, what is your best strategy or practice?
If no, will you consider going to in the future?

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