Review: UniDry QPants

Facebook groups and mommy forums are the most common go-to-places for moms. Here they can post questions and it will be answered without any judgment.

However, I noticed that when a clueless mom asks for a recommendation on diaper brand, she will receive many different responses. This will result to a more confused mom.

After all, every baby is different. Some have more sensitive skin; others don’t. Some pee a lot; others not that often. Ultimately, what works for us; may or may not work for you and vice versa.

You can only determine it after testing them out in real life than reading the experiences of other people.

When it comes to disposable diapers, QPants is relatively new to our local market. If you are looking for an affordable diaper with good quality, I might have the right product for you.

On this blog post, I’ll be sharing my experiment with QPants and the experiences of my #aweSAHM friends. Hopefully, at the of this blog post, you’ll consider to Switch to Pants, Mag QPants na!

UniDry QPants is one of the products manufactured by Taisun International Holding Corp., in Vietnam. A year ago, it is finally available in the Philippine market through its local exclusive distributor Altom Distribution Asia, Inc. Their goal is to distribute valuable products at a very affordable price.

UniDry QPants Features

  • Easy to wear: It has a stretchy waistband that auto-adjusts on the baby’s body shape. 
  • Tear-off side seams:The diaper’s side has a tear-off design that so mommies can easily remove the diaper when it’s time to change.
  • Cloth-like back sheet:The back sheet promises to release moisture that will keep the baby’s skin cool and dry.
  • Fast absorbent core with blue water-lock ADL:The blue water-lock ADL help evenly disperses and lock liquid inside. It can absorb 60ml (or 60cc) of liquid.
  • Good for day and night usage

UniDry QPants Materials

UniDry QPants is made of Non-woven fabric, ADL, SAP, pulp, tissue, cloth-like, elastic, hotmelt

UniDry QPants Size Guide

Small: 3-7 kg
Medium: 6-11 kg
Large: 9-14 kg
Extra Large: 12-17 kg

You can purchase UniDry QPants through these online selling platforms: Lazada or Shopee. You can also directly reach out to their social media channels.

Our Experience

Recently, QPants sent a box full of XL diapers for me to test out. Sadly, Audrey is still using medium size diaper so she cannot yet use the product. It’s very important to use the right diaper size according to your baby’s weight so you will not experience any accidents.

I had a bright idea. I took the matters into my own hands and made a little experiment. 

  1. I tear off the sides of QPants diaper
  2. Pour 350 ml of water
  3. Using a tissue, I wipe the diaper’s inside
  4. Using a tissue again, I re-wipe again after a minute
  5. And finally, wipe the outer part of the diaper

Check out my video below to see my experiment:

I also generously shared one pack to each of my #aweSAHM friends for them to try it out too. 3 of the 5 babies were already using XL diaper and here are their findings:


  1. They like the thickness and texture of the diaper. It is comparable to Pampers Premium.
  2. It quickly absorbs the pee and they didn’t experience any leakage. The diaper fits well on their baby. This is very important to us since our babies crawl all the time. They are also energetic and moves a lot now.
  3. The tear off sides are very sturdy vs. other diaper brands.
  4. Even though it does not have an indicator line, you can easily determine if it is full already because the cover sheet is plain white.
  5. The cloth-like back sheet is so soft.


  1. Their babies have sensitive skins thus they experienced mild irritation. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to change the diaper every 4 hours. This is true, regardless of the diaper brand.

#SwitchtoQPantsNow #QMomsKnowBest 

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9 Replies to “Review: UniDry QPants”

  1. Nakakabilib ang experiment momsh, A for the effort and im glad na super absorbent ang Qpants. Pero nabibili ba ito sa puregold or mercury momsh? Sana mas mura sa eq hehehe checking its price now 😃

    1. Wow! I like your experiment mommy. 👏 Ang ganda pala ng QPants, sana magkaroon na din dito sa province namin para makapag try na din ako sa baby ko. Mas mahal kasi ang shipping if online ako bumili 😂 Thanks anyway! 💛
      IG: @clarasophic

      1. Agree momsh! Mahal nga SF kapag provincial. Kami, provincial rate na din considered sa amin eh. Hopefully, maging available sya sa grocery stores. Hehehe

  2. Wow! I like your experiment mommy. 👏 Ang ganda pala ng QPants, sana magkaroon na din dito sa province namin para makapag try na din ako sa baby ko. Mas mahal kasi ang shipping if online ako bumili 😂 Thanks anyway! 💛
    IG: @clarasophic

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