Pizza Streat: A satisfying hole-in-the-wall pizza

pizza streat

Being a pizza enthusiast, I have always enjoyed eating a good slice of cheesy thin crust pizza served with a glass of soda. Yum! And I couldn’t be any happier when a little pizza parlor, Pizza Streat, opened near our place. Their store may look small but don’t underestimate them. This hole in the wall serves good pizzas at affordable prices.

pizza streat

Currently, they are offering tried and tested pizza flavors: Chicken barbecue, Meaty Overload, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, All Veggies and Classic Cheese. All comes in one size – 11 inch thin crust.  Aside from that, they have fries, burgers, sandwiches and sodas. And if you like to try their dessert, they serve Smores baked in a pan.

pizza streat

My Pizza Streat Experience

I dine in here for a few times and have tried their delivery service once.

Dine in

pizza streat

Our usual orders are: Hawaiian Pizza, German Franks, French Fries and two sodas.


Pizza Streat Pizzas

They prepare it every order and serve right out from the oven. So, imagine how hot it is! To fully appreciate its taste, we waited for around two minutes in order for it to cool down. The crust is just right. It’s thin enough to be crispy and at the same time chewy. The pizza sauce and cheese are evenly spread while bits of ham and pineapple are scattered everywhere.

pizza streat

I read that few were disappointed with their pizza (based from Facebook reviews). But I cannot agree nor disagree with them. If you have HIGH expectation, yes, their pizza cannot compete head to head with other commercialized brands. But if you have NO or LITTLE expectation, you’ll see this as a hidden gem.


I think, what makes their pizza more interesting is its simplicity. The ingredients used are basic and no brainer (for those who knows how to cook/bake): crust, pizza sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple. Actually, what I like (and what I have always been coming back for) about their pizza is how they don’t scrimp on cheese. You can taste the cheesy goodness is every bite!


French fries
Oh well, who would hate fries right?


German Franks
This is Dee’s favorite. It is serve with warm bread and mustard sauce. The sausage’s taste is comparable to a jumbo cheesedog but juicier and a bit spicier.


Delivery is FREE for a minimum of Php 200 worth of order. Not bad right?


When we tried their delivery service, it took around 40 minutes before we received our order. Nevertheless, the food we received has the same quality of what were served on their restaurant. Pizza is still hot so were sure it’s freshly made.


pizza streat

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