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Yoga is becoming popular in Metro Manila. I have few friends, who regularly practice yoga postures. Seeing their yoga pose photos on my news feed is so inspiring. They looked so balance and flexible. I want to do this someday. I want to be this flexible too. I saw a promo of Bikram Yoga class at Bikram Yoga Manila and want to give this dream a shot.


Bikram Yoga is a practice of 26 posture, each done twice, over a 90 minute period in a hot room. The heated room is intended to facilitate safe stretching and encourage body to detoxify itself through sweat.
Bikram Yoga Manila

My Experience

I used to be flexible. That’s way back in high school. But when I learned that I have scoliosis, I stopped. I focused on non-strenuous hobbies like writing and reading. Things changed when I start gaining weight. I wanted to get rid of these excess fat and live a healthier life.


I know I need to start somewhere, so when I saw the Bikram Yoga Manila’s current promo I said to myself why not give it a try. After all, it has good promises like joint strengthening, back pain relief, system detoxification and weight loss.


I chose their 8PM class, which was the last class for week days. This is the best time for me. Yoga before going to the office.


Upon entering their office, I already felt the warmth of their ambiance. The place is like telling me, “You are in the right place.”


Since I am a first timer, Ms. Berns, the instructor gave a short introduction to me 10 minutes before the program. She explained what is Bikram Yoga, what to expect and what to do just in case I feel dizzy.


The class is about 90 minutes with 2 short water breaks. We started with warm up poses and gradually, the pose are getting more difficult. After the first water break, I sat down to regain my consciousness. I feel like I will pass out any time. I never sweat this much my entire life. I needed air. The room is really hot. I swear, 40 degrees Celsius is not a joke.

Honestly, it is not a pleasant experience. I realize I am not flexible anymore. It’s really hard. I regret the days I ate too much. When I felt that my body mellowed down, I get back again. I tried to follow few poses again.


After the class, I felt very tired. I lost my appetite and just barely touched my salad.


Few days after, I noticed there are few contusion in my lower legs and arms. I also had fever, not sure if that’s a good or bad sign.


I never got back for my 2nd session since I am still sick during that time.

What do I like?

  • The people are really accommodating for first timers like me
  • The instructors are using first name basis (For me, this makes the customer feel that you know them on a personal level)
  • Free water
  • You can use the shower room after the class
  • There is a locker. On my case, I didn’t brought a padlock (my bad). I just left my things in front desk. I didn’t lose anything. Kudos for the honest employees

What I don't like?

  • HAHAHAHA The heated room, which is part of the program.

Will I try it again?

I will definitely join in yoga class again but not Bikram. I’m not a fan of the heated room. I think I can still practice the 26 postures without a heated room involved.

How much did it cost me?

PACKAGE: 2 Sessions of 90-Min.Yoga Class for 1 Week at Bikram Yoga Manila for P349 instead of Php1300


ACTUAL PRICE: 650 for Drop-in (One class only) x 2 = Php 1, 300



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