Exploring the Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo, Laguna

A few weeks ago we went to visit the Parish and National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio in Santo Tomas, Batangas. We still have more hours to spare so we decided to take a side trip to Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo, Laguna.

Lake Sampaloc

Lake Sampaloc, one of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, is a stunning natural wonder. With its serene waters reflecting the sky’s hues, it offers a peaceful retreat for relaxation, picnics, and recreational activities like boating. The lake, apart from being a haven for nature enthusiasts, holds cultural significance for the local community, making it an essential destination to explore.

How to get to Lake Sampaloc

Private Car

Pin Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo, Laguna


From DLTB, Jac Liner or Jam Liner bus terminals in Buendia, take a bus bound to Lucena. Ask the conductor to drop you off SM San Pablo. From there, hail the tricycle and ask to be dropped off at Lake Sampaloc.

Things to do at Lake Sampaloc

Foodtrip at Sampaloc Lake Boardwalk

Eat at MJ’s Lomi House

Walk up the Hagdang Bato

Ride a Bike

Take a photo of Tilapia Monument

Take a photo of Andres Bonifacio Monument

Walk around Doña Leonila Park

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Make the most out of your visit at Lake Sampaloc, here are some other nearby tourist attractions:

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