Welcome Home Audrey: Her Birth Story

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Every child birth is a different story. Some moms gave birth in less than 15 minutes while some took more than a day. Some do it naturally while others opt to use medications. Some prefers normal delivery while others are caesarian. Despite these differences, all child births are beautiful and a wonderful blessing from God.


If you’ve read my previous blog – the day I found out I’m pregnant. You might remember that my initial reaction was “Am I ready to be a mom?”


The thought of being a mom, scares me. Even if I’m already 27 years old when I got pregnant, I still felt that I am not ready for bigger responsibilities. And being a mom is a lifetime responsibility.


But what scares me even more is ‘how will I handle labor and childbirth?’ Most of my mom friends experienced normal birth. All of them said that the pain during labor is inexplicable but everything will be worth it once the baby is out. I also have friends who have given birth thru caesarian. They attest that you will not experience a painful labor especially when you schedule your operation. However, it will be difficult phase once you started to recover.


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I know I have a low pain tolerance but my choice is normal delivery for Audrey. I’m scared but I know I can get through it. My grandmother did it – for whooping 8 times without any medications, so did my mom, so does the other moms. They were my motivation. If they can, then I will.


For 9 months, I prepared myself – mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I always rub my belly and tell her “We can do this baby.” I also read mom blog posts narrating their birth stories. I made a mental note on what should I expect and what to do about it. I know I’m ready.


Audrey’s estimated due date is the first week of January so I was already on Maternity leave on December 17, 2018.


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37th week

I had my routine check up with Dra. Olivia Ocampo at the World Citi Medical Center (WCC). She conducted an internal exam (IE) to me. She told me that my cervix is still close and high.


To help me get started, she said I should take a walk every day and use evening primrose gel. This capsule will help me dilate and make my cervix lining to become thin. We also go through a biophysical exam to check if the amniotic fluid inside is still within the normal range.



38th week

After the IE, Dra. Ocampo said that my cervix is still close and high. She teased that maybe Audrey wants her birth day to be on December 25! Her advice is the same – take a walk and continue using evening primrose gel. I was also schedule for another biophysical exam to monitor baby’s amniotic fluid.


December 26, 2018

I noticed a mild spotting on my undies and I have been experiencing mild pain on my lower abdomen (dysmenorrhea like pain). So Dee and I went to Dr. Jesus Delgado Hospital to see Dra. Ocampo. She IE me again and said that my cervix still close.


She added that usually it will take another 1-2 more days before I may feel an active labor. She also told me that I need to watch out for water burst, heavy bloody discharge and more pain with a regular pattern.




December 27, 2018

10:00 AM
I noticed a little watery discharge. I was uneasy all throughout the afternoon. I keep going back and forth to the restroom to pee. My mother said that my water must be burst already.


I texted Dra. Ocampo and she advised me to go to Delgado Hospital. My father accompanied me to the hospital. She IE me again and told me I am 1 cm dilated with watery discharge. She asked what my last meal was because I would not be allowed to eat once I get admitted. Good thing, I took an early dinner before going to Delgado. She also prescribed a medicine that will help induce the labor.


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7:30 PM
Dee arrived with our hospital bag in tow. I was admitted around 8PM. I get inside their labor room and wore their lab gown. I wasn’t allowed to bring anything inside the labor room so I gave my bag to Dee.


Then they hook an IV to me and placed an apparatus on my belly to monitor baby’s heartbeat. After which I’m not allowed to stand up nor walk because of the watery discharge. If I need to pee, the nurse puts in bed pan.


11:30 PM
From the moment I was admitted, I continue to feel sharp pains on my lower abdomen (a little stronger than dysmenorrhea). I keep on telling myself that I can get through this. The resident doctors have conducted an IE to me and I’m still 1 cm dilated. I’m surprised! The pain that I am feeling was nowhere near the finish the line.


A few moments after, Dra. Ocampo visited me inside the labor. I felt a little relief when I saw her. Dee also came in and brought me bread and water. I happily ate it and took another medicine to induce the labor.


1:00 AM
After midnight, the pain gets more intense and more frequent. I wanted to take a rest so that I will have more energy when it’s time to push however the pain won’t let me sleep. During that time, I regret that I’ve chosen normal delivery. I should have chosen CS. But then again, I wanted to experience the pain. I wanted to push my body to its limit. I know I can get through this in His perfect time. My mother got through this without any anesthesia. If she can, so do I!


4:30 AM
I’m not progressing with my 1 cm. Audrey is really taking her time. I keep on rubbing my belly and telling her that we can do this. She just has to go down a little more. Then I heard the resident doctors have been discussing that her heartbeat is falling every time I contract – from 140 to 90 then to 60.


8:30 AM
The pain continually progressed and still no progress. Dra. Ocampo drop by again and told me that she will have to do an emergency CS to me. Aside from the falling heartbeat, Audrey might have already pooped or peed inside and she might have possibly ingested it. I agreed and signed the document that I am allowing the CS operation.


10:00 AM
They transferred me to the delivery room and replaced the lab gown. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me to lay in fetal position. One nurse assisted me to stay still while he injected the anesthesia on my back. With all the pain that I’ve been through, I did not felt the needle injection anymore.


After the injection, I cannot feel anything anymore. I tried to move my fingers or toes but it’s not working. I felt scared and asked the nurse if it’s normal. She said that it’s normal. Few minutes later, I know I’m unconscious. Dra. Ocampo just woke me when Audrey is out and crying.


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After birth

I remembered that right after the operation, I attempted to stand up then fall back. I felt dizzy and vomited. Then I became unconscious again.


7:00 PM
I was transferred to our room. When we entered the room, our families were there waiting for me and Audrey. After a while, I took a rest again. I woke up way past midnight and Dee informed me what happen.


Audrey was brought to the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit). She has to stay there for 7 days because she needs to take antibiotic. She is so small and her weight is just 5.375 kg which is a borderline of underweight. I can visit her once I’m fully recovered. He showed me the photos of Audrey however I’m still groggy and doze off. I woke up again after an hour or two, I really wanted to see the photos of Audrey but I can’t keep my eyes open.


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After birth, Dee immediately changed his FB Profile picture to this. Baby is alredy in NICU but he was allowed to see her just once.


8:00 AM
I recovered a little and can now stay awake for longer periods. I can finally see her photos. She looks like her Dad!


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Then Dee explained my diet as prescribed by Dra. Ocampo

Breakfast (10:30 AM) – 1 pack of cracker and soup
Lunch (02:30 AM) – 1 serving of lugaw
Dinner (07:30 AM) – Half serving of rice and vegetables dish


The nurse put in the binder. Dra. Ocampo also dropped by and she said that I needed to be okay before I can visit the baby. I have to recover first. I have to practice sitting because I’ll be in a wheelchair when I visit Audrey.


7:00 PM
They tried elevating the bed so I can slowly sit again. Then after a while, the catheter was removed. Now, I have to pee on my own because if not, they’ll have put back the catheter.


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10:30 PM
I visited baby in NICU. When the nurse handed her to me, I cried. She’s so tiny. I tried to breastfeed. It’s so painful!

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Look at that tiny human


December 30, 2018
I felt much better. I can move freely than before. Dee was assisting me to stand up and walk little by little. I also peed and poop that day. I can already include pork, chicken and seafood meat in my diet. Beef meat is not yet allowed because it’s more difficult to digest.


Breaskfast – Daing na Bangus with rice and papaya
Lunch – Sinigang na Baboy
Dinner – Fried Chicken and Soup


Dra. Ocampo visited me again to clean my wound; she also applied an antibacterial cream and replaced the gauze to transparent film dressing.
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I also visited twice Audrey that day. Her eyes have protection because she is undergoing phototheraphy. Her doctor said she’s turning a bit yellowish. I tried to breastfeed her whenever I see the cues that she’s hungry. She keeps on refusing me (my breastfeeding journey will be on another blogpost J). One of the nurse said, she might be used to cup feeding and don’t know how to latch yet.


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January 1, 2019
I was discharge from the hospital but sadly we have to leave Audrey behind so she can continue her medications. I continue to visit her everyday and I miss her when I’m not with her.


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My family on New Year’s eve. Please excuse my brother enjoying the hospital bed


January 4, 2019
We can now finally bring Audrey home!

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Thank you for reaching this far… for reading Audrey’s birth story.
God now made us a family.

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