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Modern stay at home mom is probably the loneliest job in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a SAHM because I have the privilege to witness all of Audrey’s milestones. But even though I’m not alone, I sometimes feel lonely.

Society always portrays SAHM as a glamorous role. Your hubby has this big paycheck to support you and your growing family.

But what they don’t talk about is the isolation of SAHM and somewhere along the way you lost your identity as a woman. Sure, you are a good mom and a good wife. But have you asked yourself, what happened to your dreams? your old passion? Where is this woman now?

And you wanna know why we don’t talk about it? Because our life here is well-curated!

So here’s the truth about what I had gone through. I lost few friends after I became a mom. They cannot understand and accept that I choose to be SAHM.

At first, I felt isolated. I was cut off from what I thought was the real world. I was alone. I felt nobody will understand on what I’m going through. And no matter what my husband does just to make me feel that I’m not alone, it still wasn’t enough.

To keep me busy, I started to write again – this time it’s about my motherhood journey. Slowly, I learn that we have a mommy community. Yet, it’s difficult to initiate a mommy friendship. We are all busy with our lives. We are all introvert! We are all fighting a battle that not everyone can see. Which is totally fine and understandable.

Then I met few people…
Few people who listened without judgment.
Few people who are also going through the same thing.
Few people who support one another.
And I think this is what every SAHM need.

A mommy friend who will got her back!

By the way, meet my lovely #aweSAHM friends. I was just suppose to caption this, “Meet my lovely #aweSAHM friends”, but I changed my mind and shared what I had overcome through their help.

We are eager to meet new SAHM friends. Feel free to leave a comment below, so we can add you on our secret FB group which are exclusively for SAHM.

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