Restaurant Review: A simple birthday for Dee

The global health crisis forced many of the Filipinos to home quarantine for almost two years now. It made me realize the beauty of simple and intimate celebrations. 


For this year, we just celebrated at home and ordered our recent favorites. I also added minimalist decorations.

Pistaccio Cioccolato by Caramia

Decadent chocolate flavored chiffon layered with pistachio filling topped with deep dark chocolate

Since we are toning down our sugar intake, we ordered the Pistaccio Cioccolato.


The chocolate flavor chiffon is soft and moist. In between the cake layers is the pistachio cream filling. Caramia captured the right balance of the filling’s sweetness and creaminess. The cake is covered with deep dark chocolate icing and topped with crushed pistachio and chocolate curls.


Over-all the cake is light and mildly sweet.

Dinner meals by Tokyo Bubble Tea

I first discovered Tokyo Tea Bubble from GrabFood. They are known for their milk teas and beverages so I wasn’t expecting that much from their food.


But they surprised me! Sharing my favorites below:

— Bimbimbop

Tasty ground beef, fresh egg yolk, mixed veggies and mushrooms in k-bop sauce and chili paste served with hot stone bowl rice.

Recently, I have had this weird craving for bimbimbop and I can eat it all day, every day! My photo doesn’t look appetizing because I have to transfer it to a bowl. Their bibimbap consists of a heaping serving of mildly sweet and savory ground beef, carrots, spinach, mushroom, zucchini, bean sprouts, and furikake (if I’m not mistaken). The dish is mildly spiced, I think you can ask them, not to add the chili paste if you don’t like spicy food. I hope they can add more rice serving because it is bitin.

— Salmon Sashimi

8 slices of salmon sashimi

Another favorite – salmon sashimi! 🙂 This is served with veggies and condiments. 

— Nippon Maki

Crunchy ebi fry and fresh cucumber melted cheese roll topped with ripe mango slices drizzled with special house blend sauce.

8 pcs of sushi. It’s one of the best sushi I’ve tried. The combination of tempura, mango, and cheese is perfect!

— Teriyaki Chicken Don

Juicy chicken slices in teriyaki sauce with rice and mixed veggies.

Just like the bimbimbop, this dish has the same amount of rice serving (I wish they can add more?) I like that they used Japanese rice in all their dishes . The chicken is indeed juicy and mildly sweet. The veggies are crunchy.

Caramia Contact Information

Tokyo Bubble Tea

Social Media Pages: Facebook | Instagram
Banawe Ave. – 8-294-9493
SM Megamall – 8-638-7479
Wilson St. Greenhills – 8-584-1998
BGC, The Fort –  8-478-7483, 961-899-0886
Centrio Mall, CDO

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