The day I went to National Bookstore

National Bookstore is a well-known shop for school supplies. It has been established long before I was born.

It served a good part of my childhood. I remember my excitement whenever the new school year begins. We allot a day to get our school supplies here. My mother would always have the list of school supplies on her hand while I go through the Children’s book section.

I would secretly put in a journal or diary, slum book, sticker pads, magic pencil, colored pentel pen set, and a few children’s books. If I’m lucky, it will be too late for her to notice the items I secretly added. It was one of my good childhood memories.

Now that I am a mom too, I wanted to create the same childhood memory for Audrey. But then, the global pandemic happen. The school closed. Children are not allowed to go out. So whenever, I need to get some supplies, it is just me. I hope one day I can be with Audrey.

Since the pandemic started, I visited a few NBS branches. It saddens me that it is not as magical as I remember it was.

Products were piled up in the bargain boxes or section. Some collect dust and look old.

NBS Cubao Branch (the one beside Gateway Mall), the store looks dimmer than before. Air-conditioner is turned off on some sections esp on the second floor. They place electric fans but it wasn’t enough. There is no proper ventilation. For me, it’s still okay. Considering that only a few people drop by now. This might be one of their operational cost-cutting strategies.

There are no more long lines to the cashier anymore.

I also noticed that there are no BFIAR and FIAR books here but they have a wide range of selection of great children’s books by local authors.

How about you? How did you remember NBS? What’s your childhood memory?

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