ABC Date Ideas for Couples in Metro Manila

Are you searching for exciting and memorable date ideas that you can do here in Metro Manila? Look no further! In this blog, create memories in the city as I share 26 unforgettable date ideas in Metro Manila.


Aim for love on an archery date. Experience the thrill and excitement as you and your special someone hit the bullseye together. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or trying it for the first time, this unique date idea promises laughter, friendly competition, and a chance to create unforgettable memories.

Archery Date Spots:


Strike up some love on a bowling date. Let the pins fall and the laughter roll as you and your special someone compete for the perfect strike. This fun-filled and playful date idea is perfect for bonding, friendly competition, and creating unforgettable memories

Bowling Date Spots:


Pedal into adventure on a biking date! This active and exhilarating date idea is sure to create unforgettable moments and deepen our connection. Embark on a biking adventure, hand in hand! 

Biking Date Spots:

  • The Bike Playground | Circulo Verde
  • Quezon City Memorial Circle
  • La Mesa Eco Park
  • Intramuros
  • Mall of Asia Seaside Loop
  • University of Diliman
  • Marikina River Park
  • Bonifacio Global City (BGC)
  • Filinvest Alabang Bike Trail
  • Heroes Bike Trail

Cake Baking

Mixing love and sweetness on a baking date! Whip up some magic in the kitchen as you create delicious treats together. From measuring ingredients to decorating your cake creations, this baking date is the perfect recipe for love and laughter

Cake Baking Spots:

Driving Range & Golfing

Teeing off to a hole-in-one date! Swing into a golfing adventure together. From perfecting the drives to sinking putts, this golf date is all about fun,and laughter. Score a perfect match on and off the course!

Driving Range & Golfing Spots (Open to the Public):

Escape Room

Unlocking adventure and love on an escape room date! Together, put the problem-solving skills to the test as both of you solve puzzles, find clues, and race against the clock to escape. This thrilling and immersive date idea will challenge you and strengthen your bond as you work together to unravel the mystery.

Escape Room Spots:

Firing Range

Lock and load for an adrenaline-filled firing range date! Take aim, release some stress, and embrace the thrill of hitting the target together. This unique and exhilarating date idea promises excitement, teamwork, and unforgettable memories. Get ready to unleash your inner sharpshooter!

Firing Range Spots:

Game Night

Game on for an epic game night date! Step into the world of flashing lights, nostalgic tunes, and high scores as you unleash your inner gamers together. From classic arcade games to thrilling virtual reality experiences. Ready to press start on an epic adventure? Game on!

Game Night Spots:


Dive into relaxation and love on a hydrotherapy date! Immerse yourself in a world of soothing water jets, bubbling jacuzzis, and blissful relaxation as you embark on a unique and rejuvenating experience together.

Indoor Golf

Fore! Swing into a hole-in-one date indoors! Perfect your golf swings, navigate challenging courses, and embrace the excitement of indoor golf together. Get ready to tee off on our love-filled adventure!

Indoor Golf Spots:

Ice Skating

Glide into love on an ice skating date. Hold your SO’s hand as you twirl and glide across the ice, creating magical moments together. Embrace the grace and beauty of ice skating as you make your hearts dance on the ice. 

Ice Skating Spots:

Jewelry-making Workshops

Crafting love on a jewelry making date! Unleash your creativity and design one-of-a-kind pieces that symbolize your unique love story. From choosing gemstones to shaping metals, this date idea is all about craftsmanship, personalization, and creating beautiful memories together. Create something special that will always remind you of your love.

Jewelry-making Spots:


Racing towards love on a karting date! Get ready to rev up the excitement and feel the adrenaline as you zoom around the track together. This high-speed and thrilling date idea promises friendly competition and laughter in between. Buckle up and embark on a heart-pounding adventure that will leave you breathless with love.

Karting Date Spots:

Live Art

Painting your love story on a live art date! Immerse yourselves in the world of creativity and expression as you witness live art in action. This date idea is all about inspiration, and connection.

Live Art Date Spots:

Live Band

Jamming to the indie beats on a live indie band date! Let the unique melodies and raw talent of the indie music scene serenade you as you embrace the intimate and soulful vibes. This date idea promises an evening of artistic expression, and creating unforgettable memories together.

Live Band Date Spots:

Museum Hopping

Explore art and love on a museum date! Wander hand in hand through the halls of creativity, immerse yourselves in captivating exhibits, and deepen your connection through shared appreciation of art.

Museum Hopping Spots:

Nature Walk

Embracing love’s embrace on a nature walk date! Hand in hand, wander through lush green trails, breathing in the fresh air and immersing yourselves in the beauty of nature. This date idea promises moments of serenity, connection, and creating unforgettable memories amidst the vibrant colors and harmonious sounds of the great outdoors.

Nature Walk Date Spots:

Quezon City




  • Kasalikasan Garden

Ocean Park

Diving into love at Ocean Park! Embark on an adventure together, surrounded by fascinating marine life and breathtaking ocean exhibits.


Paint your love story – Unleash your creativity and let the colors of your hearts come alive on the canvas. This date idea is all about self-expression, and creating beautiful memories together. 

Painting Date Spots:


Molding love on a pottery date – Get your hands dirty and shape beautiful creations together. From shaping clay to sculpting unique pottery pieces, this date idea is all about creativity.

Pottery Date Spots:

Quiet Date

Embracing tranquility on a quiet date. Sometimes, the most magical moments are found in stillness and serenity. Escape the noise of the world and find solace in each other’s company. This date is all about deepening your connection and creating unforgettable memories in the gentle whispers of silence.

Quiet Date Spots:

  • Peaceful date at the park, library, movies, museum, botanical garden

Rug Tufting Workshop

Photo by Oh Craft Workshop

Weaving love into every stitch on a rug tufting date! Take off on a creative journey together as you explore the art of rug tufting. From selecting vibrant yarns to crafting intricate designs, this date idea promises moments of inspiration, and teamwork.

Ruf Tufting Date Spots:


Gliding hand in hand on a skating date! From graceful twirls to shared laughter, this date idea promises an exhilarating and romantic experience that will warm our hearts. 

Skating Date Spots:

Spa Date

Luxuriating in love on a spa date! Escape the world’s chaos and immerse ourselves in a blissful oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. From soothing massages to tranquil baths, this date idea promises serenity, and pampering.

New Spa Date Spot:


Bouncing into love on a trampoline date – Defy gravity together and experience the exhilaration of jumping, flipping, and soaring through the air

Trampoline Date Spots:


Unplugging and reconnecting on a digital detox date! Escape the digital world and embrace the beauty of being present in each other’s company. From nature walks to heartfelt conversations, this date idea is all about rediscovering the joy of genuine connection and creating unforgettable memories away from screens and distractions. 

Virtual Reality

Stepping into a virtual love adventure on a VR arcade date – Try this mind-bending journey together as you explore virtual worlds and embrace the exhilaration of immersive gaming.

VR Date Spots:

Wall Climbing

Scaling new heights of love on a wall climbing date – Conquer the challenges, support each other, and reach new heights together. 

Wall Climbing Date Spots:

Xtreme Game

Bringing the heat to an extreme laser game date. Get ready for an action-packed adventure as you dive into the thrilling world of laser tag. With heart-pounding excitement and friendly competition, this date idea promises adrenaline, and unforgettable memories. 

Laser Game Date Spots:

Yacht Date

Sailing into love on a yacht date! This date idea promises breathtaking views, romantic moments, and unforgettable memories as you embrace the tranquility of the open sea. 

Zoo Date

Roaming wild and falling in love at the zoo! Take off on a safari of love and discover the magic of the animal world. Are you ready for a wild adventure?

Zoo Date Spots:

And that wraps up the 26 unforgettable date ideas in Metro Manila. Remember, a date is not merely about the activity itself, but about the connection you forge with your partner. So, whether you choose a candlelit dinner, a movie night under the stars, or a spontaneous adventure through the city streets, the most important thing is to cherish each other’s company and create lasting memories. So go forth, hand in hand, and discover the magic that Manila holds for you and your loved one.

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