Gentle + Classical Press Curriculum for Audrey

Hello Mommies!

As many of you know, we officially started homeschooling Audrey with a curriculum. She is currently 2.9 years old and enjoys learning through play and practical life activities.

In this blog post, I will talk about our curriculum guide – The Gentle + Classical Preschool created by Erin Cox. I find this curriculum as a great starting point.

What do I like about this curriculum?

Scripture, Character, and Catechism are included in this curriculum. I wanted to be intentional with the things that I teach her and I wanted her to know God’s words. Everything starts with God.

The philosophy behind The Gentle + Classical Press: “To educate and train our children up using gentle, time-proven methods that lead them into a relationship with Christ, a relationship with God’s creation, and a loving relationship with education.”

The curriculum has 26 units that we can run for 2 years (1 unit every 2 weeks). It’s also flexible because we started last month and Audrey is absorbing everything quickly.

The approach used in this curriculum is gentle for young learners. As an example, instead of pushing Audrey to memorize the alphabet sequence and letters, it allows her to focus on one unit letter per week. It gives her more time to know the phonic and language objects.

It allowed us to develop a rhythm. When we started, I thought that focusing on one 1-2 topics per day is just enough but Audrey gets the hang of it. So we were able to create a daily rhythm that works well in our schedule.

I also love that Science is also included in this curriculum. Audrey is enjoying nature studies through play. I bought animal life cycle action figures to supplement the lessons.

Math is also gently introduced in this curriculum. 

There is also Gross + Fine Motor Skills which we have been incorporating since last year. It is a great starting point for other families who are not familiar with it.

The teacher’s guide comes free and it’s perfect for families, who are on a tight budget. You can DIY the activities based on the lesson per unit. but you can also purchase their bundles.

However, the teacher’s guide I printed 2 years ago is their first edition. It is now phased out as they already updated their curriculum – second edition. I inquired to purchase the phased-out bundle because I don’t want to waste my printout, however it is no longer available. I decided to finish this 1st edition. Most of our activities will be DIY 😅

I will make separate posts per unit so you can follow through with the activities that we’ll do.
I will be posting them here.

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