Audrey’s First Birthday

It is true – the nights are long but the years are short! I cannot believe that our baby is now a year old. On December 28, we celebrated her first birthday!

The first decision that we made for this party is to SET A BUDGET.
How much are we willing to spend on this party? The answer is Php 30,000 for 100 guests.
Did we hit our budget? Check it out below!

Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

The usual go-to-theme for a baby girl party is princess, unicorns or hello kitty. And if you plan to DIY all the way, those are your best options because they are available everywhere. But, I wanted something unusual for Audrey. As I searched through Pinterest, my top two picks were ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. When I propose it to dee, he chooses Little Red Riding Hood because ‘duh’ it’s red. His Bedan heart is happy.

Venue: KFC Quezon Avenue 2

We wanted a fuss-free and affordable party venue. Considering our budget, our best options were fast-food chains.

Here are a few chains that have party packages:

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Jollibee
  3. Kenny Rogers
  4. Shakey’s
  5. KFC

Initially, I liked Kenny Rogers because it is a different level of fast-food. When we inquired, I was disheartened to know that we are only limited to the food choices on their packages (and they are more pricy than the usual menu). So if we had push through them, we will be over our budget.

Jollibee and Mcdonalds are other safe bets when it comes to a kid’s party. What I don’t like about them is the place is a little chaotic for me. There are many dine-in customers with kids running around. If you choose a branch with more than 2 party rooms, then you’re in for simultaneous party noises.

Shakeys is also hosting decent parties for kids. But since our party time is lunchtime, pizza and pasta will not fill up a Filipino stomach.

The last on our list is KFC. We inquired at KFC Quezon Avenue 2. The guy manager and one of their crew (I believe his name is JR) assisted us. Here’s the summary of their party package and how we can personalize them.

  1. They offer party packages with all the paraphernalia (food, host + mascot, games, prizes, etc.) The only available themes are Colonel Sanders (Lolo) and ‘We bare bears’.
  2. If we opt not to get their party package, we can still have our party thereby ordering food worth at least Php 5,000. The use of the party venue is free for 2 hours. We are can also use their microphone and speaker for free. 
  3. They don’t have any official supplier so we are free to get our preferred ones. 
  4. We are not forced to choose food packages on the spot. We can go back a few weeks before the event before we decide.
  5. Additional services:
    Host + Mascot Php 1,000
    Party extension Php 500/hour
    Supplier usage of electricity Php 300/supplier

We decided not to get the party package and push with the Little Red Riding Hood theme. We choose the Php 5,000 minimum food order and add a host+mascot. Then, we gave our down payment to secure the date.

Two weeks before Audrey’s birthday, we tried to call them but their line seems to be out of service. So Dee went there instead. He ordered the food and reminded the crew that we will be getting a party host for our party.

On Audrey's Birthday

When we arrived I asked the manager on duty to speak with the party host so that I can briefly discuss the event flow. Surprisingly, they were not aware that we added a party host despite that we had verbally informed their crew twice (when we booked and settled our downpayment and when Dee went back to order the food). They said that it wasn’t written in a contract, which is funny because we don’t have a contract. All we have is a piece of paper with a list of food to be ordered. The manager told us that there is no available host. He is on an afternoon shift and will be hosting the 7 PM party. We asked if they have another option – would another crew host for us? She just stared at us and gave us a vibe that we have to figure it out on our own. Good thing, one of our friends offered to help us and hosted the party.

When I arrived at the party room, I noticed that it is hot. Imagine what we’ve been through – our party is lunchtime, the room is full of guests, and only one of the three aircon is functioning. I asked if they have a fan that will help subside the heat. They don’t. There weren’t any other options for us but to carry on.

To make it up to us, I think… they have Lolo mascot drop by and perform a bit. They didn’t charge us for the mascot. Also, the food was good. It tastes KFC.

Now, the question is will I recommend KFC Party?

Probably, NO. There is a lot of room for improvement. First, they should have a party contract to prevent any miscommunications. Next, they have to make sure that the aircon is working properly and if not, they should have a back up industrial fan. Lastly, they could add more party theme choices.

Host: Mommy Budgetarian and Edsplorer

These two ladies (Mommy Budgetarian & Mommy Edsplorer) saved Audrey’s party! I was thinking, who can help us with hosting when Eds stepped up and offered to help. And they were so good that our guests didn’t notice that it was all impromptu.


Initially, we have 30 kids on our guest list. We have 3 games. One for adults and two for kids. But on the event day, we only have 10 kids. So we changed our game (on the spot again) to 1 adult game, 1 kid game, and 1 general game.

First game: The newest game of all time - the Longest line!

Second game: Pass the message - adult girls vs. adult boys

Third game: Bring me

Prizes: Divisoria

Since we thought that there would be many kids, we bought cheap toys in Divisoria. If you are an old Divisoria goer, you would probably remember that cheap toys (by the kilo) and party supplies are located at the Divisoria mall basement. But now, not anymore. When the Divisoria mall was rebuilt after the fire, the toys and party supplies are scattered on Level 1 to Level 3. The items are still cheap though.

Few of the items that I got were:

  • 1 pad of jackstone (24 pcs)
  • 1 pad of bubble toy (24 pcs)
  • 2 packs of pencil set (12 pcs)
  • 1 pack of elesi toy (24 pcs)

Then I stumbled upon a stall that sells cheap toys (wholesale prices). You must get a minimum of 50 pcs. Items are priced as low as Php 18 each.

Few of the items that I got were:
Whiteboard, Bow & Arrow, Guitar, Doctor set, Bubble set, Makeup set, Guns, Jumping rope, Drums, etc.

Photographer: Charlie Click’s Photography

I got the same supplier for the photographer. The official photographer this time is Charlie’s brother. I got the same rate that I had on Audrey’s baptism. I know that they’ve increased their rate now.

Cake: Grechelle’s Kitchen

We also have the same cake supplier because I love the result of Audrey’s baptism cake. I ordered the same two-tier rosette cake with red, green buttercream frosting. One of the challenges of an unusual party theme is that there are few inspirations. I’m glad that they’ve delivered my desired cake style.

Candy Buffet: Sweet Treats by Rory

At first, I wanted to DIY the decorations but when I computed the cost of raw materials and factor in my effort, I realize that it will be better if I get a supplier. I decided to look for a good dessert buffet so it will serve as a party backdrop and dessert for the guests. I found Sweet Treats by Rory on Instagram. They are easy to deal with. I just sent them my pegs two weeks before the event and the result is beautiful.

Dress: Made to Order

Audrey’s little dress was lovingly made by my Lola (her great grandmother). I bought the fabric in Divisoria (Tabora).

Giveaway: Shopee

I’m undecided if we should give a souvenir or not since I am considering our budget. It was a last-minute decision. Dee suggested stainless straw and we ordered it a week before Audrey’s birthday. The sticker was printed two days before her birthday.

Gift Registry: SM Department store

I’ll share a separate blog post about this. 

SM Gift Registry page

Budget Breakdown

KFC: 12,000
Prizes: 1200
Candy Buffet: 8,000
Cake: 2,500
Giveaway: 3,250
Dress: 1,500
Photographer: 1,500
Total — Php 29,950

Final thoughts

Planning a party for your little one is fun, exhausting and fulfilling. Most of my planning stage was spent on looking for inspiration on Pinterest. If I like something, I ask myself first if it is a need or if it is just for aesthetic purposes only. I’m glad I have stood my ground and stick to our budget. It was a great party because our family and friends spent their afternoon with us even if it was in between holidays.

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