Review: Ecostore Baby Sleepytime Bath

When I was pregnant, I wanted my baby to be a good sleeper. Why?

I was so vocal about it that time. However, most of my friends, who were parents already, were just wishing me the best of luck as if it is not attainable. How about you?

Have you ever wondered if babies can sleep all throughout the night?

Well, the short answer to that is YES.

It just took me one class from HimbingPh to learn everything I need to know about baby sleeping. And I’ll be writing a more comprehensive blog about it which I’ll publish very soon.

But to give you a brief overview, one of the effective ways to have a good sleeper is to develop a pre-bedtime routine. It does not need to be complicated; a simple 3 step pre-bedtime routing will suffice. For as long as you keep on doing it before bedtime, your baby will slowly learn the pattern and associate it with sleeping. And the best way to start a pre-bedtime routine is by a warm baby bath because this allows our baby to relax and prepare them for their sleep.

But on this blog I’ll talk about one of the products that may probably help us achieving a good sleep for our baby - ECOSTORE’s Baby Sleepytime Bath!

ECOSTORE has been around since 1993. It was founded by Malcolm and Melanie Rands at an ecovillage in Northland, New Zealand. Few years after, they move to Auckland and set up their flagship store. Almost a decade after their foundation, they became available on supermarkets. Then, they were launched in Australia and now in several Asian countries.


Aside from offering home and body care products that are safer for us, they are also…

Sleepytime Bath

Soothing infusion to help calm your baby

Baby Sleepytime Bath is part of ECOSTORE’s baby care line. It is a plant-based wash with lavender and geranium oils.


  • Aqua (water)
  • Caprylyl/Caprylyl Wheat Barn
  • Straw Glycosides (Plant-based Surfactant)
  • Parfum (Essential Oil Fragrance)
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Dehydroacetic Acid (Preservative)
  • Linalool (from natural essential oils)

The packaging states that it does not contain the following ingredients:

  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB)
  • PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
  • Synthetic Perfumes

I was curious about these chemical compounds and what can they do on our body.
Check out my little research below.

Whew! That was intense. It’s saddens me to know that these chemicals are in the products that I’ve been using before. Now that I know better, I’ll take note of these ingredients and make sure to read the label before purchasing them. Let’s now go back to the Ecostore Baby Sleepytime Bath.


Directions: Shake well. Add a small amount to bath water and swirl gently.

Our Experience

Audrey is a good sleeper on night time. But she is struggling to have good naps on day time. So few days after we receive the product sent by ECOSTOREPH, I decided to test it out.

What I love about this product?

  • SMELLS SO GOOD – Smelling the product alone is already relaxing for me, how much more for Audrey! Lavander and Geranium oils complement each other. Lavender is a popular soothing scent that’s associated with sleep and relaxation. While geranium is another floral scent that can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • SO RELAXING – I didn’t expect that my little one would enjoy her first mini bubble bath. Audrey felt more relaxed after the bath time.
  • DOES NOT IRRITATE THE EYES – There were instances that the bubbles touched Audrey’s forehead and cheeks, which were near the eyes. But she did not show any signs that it’s ouchy on her eyes.
  • EASY TO RINSE – It’s easy to rinse and does not have a sticky feeling after the bath.
  • MOISTURIZING – When I dried Audrey with towel, I noticed her skin is softer. There’s no need to put a lotion.
  • GOOD NAP TIME – Using this product have helped Audrey nap longer on day time. Usually, she naps for 30 minutes to 1 hour. But after our first bubble batch, she slept on longer stretches 2-3 hours.

What I don't like

  • I don’t like the thin consistency of the baby wash. It is water like and I keep on adding more on the bath water because after swirling, it’s not bubbly enough for me. I hope they can make it thicker in the future.

Will I recommend it?

Yes! This is one of the new products in our market today that has a very holistic approach. They have a clear mission and vision. Their product is true to what it promises. You really get what you pay for.

How about you? Have you tried ECOSTORE’s Baby Sleepytime Bath
If yes, how was your experience?
If no, will you try it?

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12 Replies to “Review: Ecostore Baby Sleepytime Bath”

  1. I have 2 years old son and at his age being playful is so usual to him that tends him to feel untidy and sweating plus the hotness of the weather. It makes him irritated that results to NO SLEEP or NAP TIME. And so I have to bath him twice or more times a day if necessary. Good thing is sinanay namin syang may lukewarm bath time sya every night to make him sleep all night. What worries me is how to make my LO’s skin stay healthy and moisturized. Hoping to fin’lly win this product from ecostore. This is the third time na nabasa ko lahat ng great feedbacks and I can’t help but wish to fin’lly win as I’ve tried to join one time and unfortunately didn’t won. Praying to win this time. 💕🙏 God bless! 😊

    IG handle: @mrssibayan37.crey

    1. My Panganay is 3yrs. old at tuwing sasapit na ang pagtulog tuwing gabi ay hira talaga ko na patulugin sya. Bago sya matulog ay naglililikot muna siya at panay ang gulong sa higaan namin bago sya makatulog. Im sure this product would help us.

  2. Hello, would love to try this for my twins. The very first struggle that we have is their sleeping pattern & they have sensitive skin as well. They are twins,so there are 2 individuals we have to take care of, and they have different needs & moods.Sometimes, Twin A is awake while Twin B is fast asleep or vise versa,this would happen at daytime & nighttime so the struggle is real. We’re still working out everything, so that it would be more easy on us & less stressful! Thanks for hearing me out, 😊.
    IG: @mariafatz08

  3. After reading this, i quickly checked my Marcia body wash. Sadly, two brands have the PEG. The other one has PEG 7 (sanosan) and PEG 120 (mybaby). And now that i am aware, i guess i can just dispose the two or just use them whenever she does number 2. My Marcia has been so sensitive and she gets fuzzy whenever she feels so sweaty so one of my struggles is the weather we have here in the PH, i guess i can no longer do something about it and just work on the things that i can control like what you did mommy Frecelynne. Like your Audrey, my Marcia can only sleep for less than an hour. Hence, i cant look after my other two kids, i get so restless. At night, she can sleep straight however she always wants me beside her otherwise she will cry so i still get sleep deprivation and i cant do the position i want when i sleep. So thank you so much mommy for sharing a lot of info about ecostore. Now i know which brand is worthy of investing for.
    ig: mcayemones God bless you and Audrey mommy.

  4. Would love to try the product. We do bedtime at night quitely well but have the same scenario at day time.
    How about if there are still playmates around, what could help aide our LOs to sleep? Our routine which mine is used to is instantly neglegted in such case. IG @)aileeengaee

  5. Would love to try the product. We do bedtime at night quitely well but have the same scenario at day time.
    How about if there are still playmates around, what could help aide our LOs to sleep? Our routine which mine is used to is instantly neglegted in such case.
    IG @aileeengaee

  6. Thankyou for sharing this mommy ! I’ve been struggling and also my son who is 1yr old and 6months to have a good nap at day time and also he always sleep late like 1am to 3am i think this product will 💯 100 % can help my baby to sleep early and well so i can also have a good nap too .

  7. I have 5months old baby Aaliyah. Sa morning talagang di natagal ang kanyang pagtulog. Tulad nga ng sabi mo about sa ecostore products it has GOOD NAP TIME and I supper need this kasi sa day time tlga is wala pang isang oras ang kanyang tulog syempre we are super mom we need na mapaatulog sila sa mahabang oras para makagawa tayo ng mga gawaing bahay. Like me na minsan solo tlga sa bahay kasi naalis sila. And syempre isa pa is sa sobrang HAPPY BABY ni Aaliyah ko isa din sa product na ito is yung pagkakaroon ng GOOD SMELL and syempre need ko din yon kasi sa sobrang madaming natutuwa sa kanya kasi HAPPY BABY siya tuwing ilalabas namin siya is ikikiss siya sa paa, kakalungin siya, gusto siyang patawanin with this product hindi ako mahihiya na ipakalong at ipakiss siya sa iba ng hindi siya amoy laway hahaha. And syempre isa sa mahalaga ay yung SAFE ito for baby 💗💗💗 Hope to win 💞 thankyou momshies for this opportunity.

    IG: @grmnvllgsslsd

  8. My son is 7 months old. Mommy relate much sa sinabi mo na sana after ko ipanganak si baby mahaba at masarap ang tulog niya. At para makarecover at makapagrest ako ng mabuti habang natutulog siya. Pero grani rin puyat at pagod ko sa kanya since 0-5months sa pagpapatulog kasi gusto niya lagi siyang nasa dibdib ko. At everytime na inilalagay ko siya sa kanyang higaan nagigising laging nakikiramdam. Kaya halos wala rin ako matapos na gawain dahil sa routine niya. Pero since na nag 6 months na siya kahit papaano naiiwan ko na siya sa kuwarto at mahimbing ang tulog niya basta’t pagod, busog, nakapagtake siya ng vitamins at nakaligo siya. Kaya hindi na ako masyadong nahihirapan sa kanya… I’m so excited to read your blog about sa ishashare mo soon sa natutunan mo sa HimbingClassph.
    IG:@habunganrockmom 💖

  9. My son is 10 months old now, i really hard times when start sleeping at night. 1st, i need to hele him sing any song, nkapag compose na nga ako ng kung ano anong kanta just to make him sleep, and then minsan di umuubra, 2nd i gently comb his hair using may fingers minsan dyan sya nkakatulog, and lastly sinasabay ko ang pagcocomb ng hair nya while I breastfed him. And yun nakakatulog nansua. So this time i want to try this Ecostore sleepy time bath hope to win so no more hard time na para patulugin si baby. Thank you mamsh for this opportunity your so generous. Godbless you always! ❤️

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