Activities for newborn babies (1-3 months old)

Congratulations! You now have a little bundle of joy.

I know it’s difficult to settle in at first especially on the first few weeks. More so, in developing a routine. But don’t worry mama, you’ll get through it. So while both of you are transitioning on the big change in your lives (you, your baby and your family), it’s equally important to also include a daily activities for newborn babies. Just like you, I was also surprise to know that babies can do more than sleeping, eating and pooping.

Check out my 7 suggested activities for your newborn babies that you can easily incorporate on your daily routine.

I am not a health professional. The suggestions below are the activities that have worked with me and Audrey. What have worked with us may or may not work with you. Every baby is different. They also follow their own pacing on development. But definitely, the suggested activities below are still worth to try.

1. Bring our babies out

Before you can bring home the baby, a pediatrician or a healthcare professional will give you few reminders on how to care for your newborn. This includes bringing your baby outside everyday for sunbathing. The good thing about this – is our babies will be exposed to…

2. Talk to our babies

Though this should already be part of the basic expectations from us as their parents, I still like to highlight its importance. This is very crucial on their development because their brain absorbs the sounds and tones. When we often talk to our babies, it will help them better understand the language and communication. This will also increase the number and variety of words that they can eventually use.  

Some of my suggestions are:

3. Tummy time

“Tummy Time” is giving our babies a time lying on their belly while they are awake and supervised. This encourages them to lift their heads that will eventually strengthen their head, neck and shoulder muscle. It also boosts their motor skills. Moreover, this is also a good preparation for the down-the-road milestones like rolling over and crawling.

For newborn, a two to three sessions a day for 1 to 3 minutes at a time is a good start. As our babies grow older, we can increase the duration to 15 minutes. It’s best to do this after nap time or diaper change.

4. Listen to music

Music can uplift anyone’s mood, even babies! But did you know that music also has a great impact on their cognitive and sensory development?

Here are few ways on how we can include music on their daily activity:

5. Use infant stimulation flashcards or mini books

Our baby’s vision isn’t fully developed after birth. What they can only see with their young eyes are objects 8-12 inches away from them. These objects should be high contrast, black and white and bold patterns. The primary goal of this activity is to expose our babies into different kind of images that can help stimulate their brain development.

6. Introduce different kinds of textures

Babies are curious by nature. They love to touch (and lick) on anything. We can take advantage of this curiosity and introduce them to different textures around them.

Here are few samples:

6. Use baby play gym

During our babies first week, they will only sleep, eat and poop on repeat. But as days pass by, they will be asking for things that will keep them entertained. We can introduce them to a baby play gym – a soft mat with an arch that supports toys. Sometimes it has kick-activated piano and baby-safe mirrors. This is a perfect tool that will help them with their development while playing.

THAT’S IT MOMMIES! Please take note that more than the developmental benefits that you’ll get on these activities, it’s more essential that you developed a special bonding with your newborn. 

I would love to hear from you!
Have you tried the activities I mentioned above?
If yes, how was it?
If no, will you try it?

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