Review: Farlin Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is another chapter that every mom has to go through. They said it won’t be easy and it’s even more painful than childbirth. Good thing that millennial moms like us have all the support that we need, just right in front of us. It can be our loving mothers, more experienced friends, strong support groups, helpful blogs by moms and lastly companies that offers breastfeeding friendly products.


When I was still pregnant, my goal is to simultaneously breastfeed and bottle feed my breast milk to Audrey. I know my hands will be full once she arrives. And I would love to have that extra time so that I can do other things that I needed to do. More importantly, I wanted her to have a special bonding time with her Tatay too. With these, Breast Pump is part our shopping list.


There are so many breast pumps out in the market today and it’s really overwhelming for a first time mom like me. So I check the recommendations of experienced moms. I wanted a reliable and at the same time affordable breast pump. I don’t want to splurge too much because I won’t be expressing my milk all the time. I’m a SAHM and I just need a product that will help me express milk that’s good for 1-2 feedings per day.

After carefully considering their suggestions, I’m convinced to get the Farlin Manual Breast Pump. I’ve heard the brand for so many times with other moms and they have built a good reputation.


I went to SM Department store and look for it. Then I saw that they are now offering a single electric breast pump. I was holding the box and keep on telling myself – “Hold on, I thought you’ll only get a manual pump? You’ll be over your budget again!” I put the box again on the shelf and walk around thinking the pros and cons of getting the electric pump.

After a careful deliberation, I choose to get the Farlin Electric Single Pump.

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Package Inclusion

My Experience with Farlin Electric Breast Pump

I washed and sterilized it then packed it in my hospital bag. When Audrey was born, she has to stay in NICU for a week. So on her first week, we did not have enough time to latch and practice. I visited her once a day and tried to breastfeed her but she is refusing me. My breast is already hard and painful. I was taking malunggay capsule and calcium vitamins to help in milk production.


On 3rd day after her birth, I tried to pump my milk and it’s so painful! I only produced a teaspoon size.


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I tried to apply MQT Nipple balm and pump again. It was less painful this time and I have produced 10 ml of breast milk.


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On 4th day, I followed my OB’s advice to apply hot compress on my breast and massage it in circular motion. It worked! This time, I got 25 ml!


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What I love about Farlin Electric Breast Pump

What I don't like about Farlin Electric Breast Pump

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Will I recommend it?

No. For its price range, you can probably get a better breast pump. Also, it seems like it’s difficult to have reach out to them asking for assistance on warranty.

How about you? Have you tried Farlin Breast Pump before?
If yes, how was your experience?
If no, will you still try it?

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