This is me trying to conceive

Hello! I’m Frecelynne and welcome to my pregnancy journey.

Honestly, I’m scared to bare it all to everyone because there are many bashers and judgmental people. I’ve always thought that online is not the best platform for sensitive and confidential topics like this. People, especially the ones who don’t know you personally, will constantly have something to say. But then, I can never really please everyone.

As I go through my “trying to conceive” phase, I see women from all ages, who were also experiencing the same thing. This is for you, for us who have been trying so hard to bear a child.

I’m pleased to tell you my story and I would love to hear yours too! Feel free to leave a comment below!

Remember this famous line by Serena Dalrymple from ‘Bata, bata paano ka ginawa?’ movie – “A mother plus a father equals a baby.” Well, Trying-To-Conceive (TTC) couples knows the equation all too well.

It was only now that I realized the importance of studying Biology’s reproductive health in high school. Back then, I was jesting that I can’t see myself using Biology terms after graduation. No plans on going to med school too. But those jokes have hit me so hard now.

Let’s start this by asking: how can a girl get pregnant – it is when an egg & a sperm cells meet. Sounds easy right? Yes! For girls with regular cycles and healthy reproductive system (and their partners have healthy reproductive system too). Things are different for girls, who have irregular mensturation like me.

Ever since, I’m irregular. I thought that was normal. When I had my first job – I was kinda forced to have it checked as part of the physical exam. It was then I got introduced to my condition.

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This is a hormonal imbalance which affects women’s menstural cycle. No period means no egg cells. Resulting to slimmer chance of getting pregnant.

That time, I had no ways of getting pregnant neither plan on having a child too! The doctor advised me to take hormonal pills with birth control as a side effect. I asked for other side effects. She mentioned nausea, headaches, weight gain, mood change and more. I asked for other option – she gave me another hormonal pill that I have to take for 3-5 consecutive days. This is the same pill used by TTC girls. And few days after, hello period!

I got tired going back and forth to the doctor. Afterall, there’s no cure for this. I can just control my hormones and try hard to balance them. I continue living with irregular period.

On 2015, I married Dee. I inform him that I have PCOS and we might find it hard to conceive. He said, we can try our best and God will give that angel to us whenever he thinks we’re ready.

During our first year, we decided not to try and enjoy our married life. Afterall, once you have kids you will never have that lone time again.

But it’s a different story when you hit your first wedding anniversary. People starts to ask the “When…” question and gives ‘unsoliceted’ advice as if you’re not really trying.

I went to the doctor again. After the initial check up, I go through series of tests:

– transvaginal ultra sound to see how are my cysts

– blood tests to check my sugar level and thyroid

She also prescribed lots of medicine that I need to take on certain days.

– Metformin to make me get my period

– Obulation

– Prenatal vitamins: Folic acid, Vitamin E,

Then, after a month I’ll have to see her again and we’ll do the same thing. This is the cycle I have to go through each month. Good thing, check ups and laboratory tests are covered by our health card. How things would be if it’s not – everything will just rack up.

I also joined forum and groups that I think would help me. Things are better if you are with someone with the same goal by your side.

Right now, I stopped seeing the doctor and my cycle with her. I chose a different path – healthy, herbal, organic. On different post, I’ll be sharing why. I’ll also give review to the supplements that I’ll be trying. Also, recipes and food that will help us regulate our mens.

Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional nor dietician. I don’t sell anything nor a member of any multi-level marketing companies. I am just sharing my raw experience on getting pregnant.

Controlling PCOS, is time consuming and costly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaning. It’s just the truth. We (together with other girls with PCOS) are in a difficult road but I believe we are in a beautiful journey.


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  1. Hi! My husband and I also just started trying to conceive. This is our first cycle trying, but I too have really irregular periods. I have not been diagnosed with PCOS but I completely understand the struggle of being irregular!

    1. Hi Hannah! I just saw your comment. I’m sorry for the late response because I was having issues with my wordpress notifications. Anyway, I hope that you and your husband now have a baby. Hugs Mommy! You can make it. 🙂

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