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To achieve the fit and healthy body that I wanted, regular detoxification is needed. There are different ways to detoxify and juice cleanse is just one of them.

My Daily Jusa Experience

I work on graveyard shift, which is 11 PM – 8 AM Manila time. I drop by at the their store around 10 PM to pick up my order. They recommended to pick up or to deliver the day/night before your scheduled cleanse. But in my case, I get the juices on the day of my actual cleanse (since I’m working night shift).


White Cashew Milk

daily jusa

I’m excited to try their nut milk juices. So my first juice was the Daily Jusa’s White Cashew Nut MilkIt was refreshing a choice. I was surprised that I could taste ground cashew nuts in the milk. I slowly consume this juice to enjoy my cleanse. This is one of my favorites.

Clean Green

daily jusa

By 1 AM, I felt hungry so I drank another juice. This time I tried the green one – the Daily Jusa’s Clean Green. It is made of cucumber, romaine, broccoli, celery and apple. I was expecting a bitter like flavor. But after my first sip, I’m amazed. The juice is not bitter and as a matter of fact, it’s mildly sweet. I can taste a nutty zest which probably is romaine. The mix of the raw ingredients is so right.

Code Red

daily jusa

On my lunch break (03:00 AM), I felt the hunger again. This time it’s worse because of the foods I saw in our pantry. To make it worst, my lunch buddy was eating rice and yummy mechado. The smell of meat in flavorful tomato sauce is really hard to ignore. I told myself that this is just for today. Tomorrow I can eat usual food again. Tomorrow I can eat Mechado again. I was so focused on diverting my attention which made me not enjoy the the Daily Jusa’s Code Red juice. It is made from watermelon, tomato, bell pepper, beets and grapes.

The only thing I remembered was that watermelon overpowered other fruits and vegetables in this drink. My buddy asked me if it’s a tomato juice since it looks like one.

Red Punch

Daily Jusa

I was busy on the later part of my shift so I didn’t felt the hunger anymore. It was around 7 AM when my stomach started to grumble again. I drank another juice before going home. I chose the the Daily Jusa’s Red Punch juice. This is made from cucumber, apple, carrots, lemon and beets.


Just like Clean Green, this has the right mix of raw ingredients. It has the mild sweet flavor. The carrot is well-blended with apple and cucumber.


I went home immediately after my shift. I wanted to sleep already to forget that I haven’t eaten anything solid for the past hours. My stomach started to grumble and this time it’s worst. It does not stop.


I decided to sleep and drink the other juices when I woke up. I tried the laxative detox tea dipped into hot water before I sleep. The tea’s aroma is relaxing. It calmed my senses before I sleep.


I expected to wake up with an aching tummy that can only be relieved by bowel movement. But I did not woke up like that. There is no bowel movement, no pain in my tummy… nothing. I drank the Clean Green juice to boost my energy. Maybe I need the greens to help with bowel movement. Few hours have passed but there is still no bowel movement.


I thought of bringing the 3 other juices to the office again.

Cocoa Cashew Milk

daily jusa

When I opened the bottle, I noticed an odd smell. I sip a bit. The juice is not good for consumption anymore.  I checked the other nut milk juice and it’s the same. Though the juices were labeled best until 05/29 I still feel that it’s my fault.

When I got the juice yesterday, I went straight to the office. I just kept the juices in my thermal bag since we don’t have refrigerator in the office. Even though I put the remaining juices in my ref when I got home, the nut milks still got spoiled maybe even before I arrived home. The Daily Jusa made clear that it’s best to refrigerate the juices immediately.

After the cleanse, I felt lighter not thinner. Over-all this is a good experience.

My advice: If you are planning to get the juices before heading to the office, consume the nut milks first. The fruit and vegetable juices will survive.

What I like about the Daily Jusa

  • The proximity of their store. It’s convenient for me to drop by at their store to pick up my order.
  • The business hours seems flexible too. Anyone can drop by from 10 AM to 12 MN
  • I have the option to pay on the store when you pick up the juices
  • My text and email inquiries were immediately addressed
  • The juices were perfectly blended

What I don't like about the Daily Jusa

  •  The nut milk juices got spoiled earlier than expected date

Will I try it again?

Yes! I will do the cleanse again. I’ll do the 3 day cleanse. 

How much is their package?

One day cleanse is Php 1,350. That includes 8 pcs of 250ml juices, 2 detox tea, thermal bag and cleanse guide.


By the bottle fruit and vegetable juice is Php 150 while nut milk juice is Php 168. Thermal bag is Php 150.

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