Jellymom is a South Korean brand distributed by Baby Plus here in The Philippines. It is a popular baby booster chair in South Korea because of its high-quality ergonomic design. Jellymom Wise Chair Features: Interchangeable seat cushions and removable headrest/tray that can be adapted to suit babies from age threeContinue Reading

When you’re waiting for your baby to arrive it’s tempting to buy bulk disposable diapers. After all, our babies will use them a lot. One of the advises that we received when it comes to disposable diapers is DON’T BUY IN BULK! I know it’s tempting to hoard but hereContinue Reading

Ingredients: Tofu Diced White Onions Diced Green/Red Bell Pepper 5 tbsp mayonaise 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce 2 tbsp water salt & pepper oil for frying butter scallions (optional) Procedure: Deep dry the tofu Don’t overcook because it will get toasted from inside out It should be brownish on the edgesContinue Reading

Aroz ala Valenciana is flavorful dish influenced by Spain to Filipino culture. The glutionous rice (malagkit) is cooked with coco milk, turmeric and seasonings. Meats like chicken and chorizo werre added. Raisins, bell pepper and green peas are added too. It is topped with sliced boiled egg for garnishing. ThisContinue Reading