• BABY LED WEANING (BLW) in the Philippines

    Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a method of allowing your baby to self-feed with finger size solid foods rather than the traditional purees through spoon-feeding. Since your baby can self-feed, they can eat together with the family during mealtime. They decide what, how much and how quickly they can eat. When to start feeding your baby? Experts agree that the best time to start feeding is when your baby is already 6 months old. Also, your baby will show signs of readiness like: They can sit without support and on their own. They don’t have the tongue-thrust reflex anymore. A tongue-thrust reflex is when they try to push the food…


    As someone who has sensitive skin, I always experience redness and irritation whenever I get exposed to harmful chemicals, allergens or pollution. That is why I am extra careful when choosing the products to use on my skin. I don’t have a skincare routine and let my day go without applying anything which made my condition worse. I now have dry sensitive skin. When I was given a chance to try out Avene Thermal Spring Water, I was skeptical at first. Does this water work wonders? Does this have healing properties like what it claims? After a few weeks of using it, I tell you – Avene Thermal Spring Water…

  • REVIEW: UniDry QPants

    Facebook groups and mommy forums are the most common go-to-places for moms. Here they can post questions and it will be answered without any judgment. However, I noticed that when a clueless mom asks for a recommendation on diaper brand, she will receive many different responses. This will result to a more confused mom. After all, every baby is different. Some have more sensitive skin; others don’t. Some pee a lot; others not that often. Ultimately, what works for us; may or may not work for you and vice versa. You can only determine it after testing them out in real life than reading the experiences of other people. When…

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