The Complete List of Public Elementary Schools in Caloocan, Metro Manila

Here’s the list of top public elementary schools in Caloocan, Metro Manila.

South Caloocan

  1. Grace Park Elementary School (Main)
    📌 P. Galauran St., 6th Avenue, West Grace Park, Caloocan City
  2. Kasarinlan Elementary School
    📌 Tuna St., Caloocan City
  3. Kaunlaran Elementary School
    📌 Tamban St. Kaunlaran Vill. Dagat- Dagatan, Caloocan City
  4. Lerma Elementary School
    📌 Binangonan St., Caloocan City
  5. Libis Talisay Elementary School
    📌 Gen. Luna St., Caloocan City
  6. Maypajo Elementary School
    📌 J.P. Rizal St., Caloocan City
  7. Sampalukan Elementary School
    📌 Libis Gochuico St., Caloocan City
  8. Andres Bonifacio Elementary School
    📌 Torres Bugallon St. Sangandaan, Caloocan City
  9. Bagong Silang Elementary School
    📌 158 Ma. Clara St. 4th Ave., Caloocan City
  10. Caloocan Central Elementary School
    📌 P. Zamora St., Caloocan City
  11. Gregoria De Jesus Elementary School
    📌 P. Sevilla St., Caloocan City
  12. Cayetano Arellano Elementary School
    📌 Payapa Cor. Tahimik 6th Ave, Caloocan City
  13. Cecilio Apostol Elementary School
    📌 7th Avenue, Ma. Clara St., Caloocan City
  14. Gomburza Elementary School
    📌 Samson Road, Caloocan City
  15. Eulogio Rodriguez Elementary School
    📌 Biglang-Awa St., Caloocan City
  16. San Jose Elementary School
    📌 Buagan St., Caloocan City
  17. Tandang Sora IS
    📌 7th Avenue, Caloocan City
  18. Baesa Elementary School
    📌 229 Reparo St., Brgy. 161, Caloocan City
  19. Libis Baesa Elementary School (Baesa Annex)
    📌 Blk.8 Lot 40 Libis Baesa, Caloocan City
  20. Bagong Barrio Elementary School
    📌 G. de Jesus St. corner Malolos, Caloocan City
  21. East Bagong Barrio Elementary School
    📌 79 Tieremas St., Caloocan City
  22. Morning Breeze Elementary School
    📌 Pilar St., Caloocan City
  23. Sta. Quiteria Elementary School
    📌 Sta. Quiteria Road, Caloocan City
  24. Talipapa Elementary School
    📌 Rivera St., Caloocan City

North Caloocan

  1. Amparo Elementary School
    📌 Mabolo St., Caloocan City
  2. Camarin D Elementary School
    📌 Area D, Camarin, Caloocan City
  3. Camarin Elementary School
    📌 Area A, Camarin, Caloocan City
  4. Cielito Zamora Memorial School
    📌 Zabarte Road, Caloocan City
  5. Congress Elementary School
    📌 Congress Village, Caloocan City
  6. Horacio Dela Costa Elementary School
    📌 Horacio dela Costa, Caloocan City
  7. Urduja Elementary School
    📌 Sikatuna Ext., Caloocan City
  8. Caloocan North Elementary School
    📌 Phase 6 Package 1 Camarin, Caloocan City
  9. Camarin D Elementary School – Unit II
    📌 Atis St., Caloocan City
  10. Bagong Silang Elementary School
    📌 Phase 1, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
  11. Sto. Niño Elementary School
    📌 Phase 1 Package 1 Block 65 Lot 2, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
  12. Kalayaan Elemetary School
    📌 Phase 10A, Package 3, Block 6, Caloocan City
  13. Silanganan Elementary School (Star Elementary School)
    📌  P3 Pkg3 B65 L2, Bagong Silang Tatak Kubo, Caloocan City
  14. Gabriela Silang Elementary School (Bagong Silang Elementary School – Annex)
    📌 Phase 1, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
  15. Rene Cayetano Elementary School
    📌 Ph. 8B, Pkg. 5 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
  16. A. Mabini Elementary School
    📌 Cherry Blossoms Street, San Roque, Tala, Caloocan City
  17. Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School
    📌 Camia St., Caloocan City
  18. Marcelo H. Del Pilar Elementary School (MLQ Elementary School Unit I)
    📌 Purok II, Malaria, Tala, Caloocan City
  19. NHC Elementary School
    📌 LWCP Road, Caloocan City
  20. Pag-Asa Elementary School
    📌 Ph. 7B, Caloocan City
  21. Pangarap Elementary School
    📌 Narra Avenue, Caloocan City
  22. Tala Elementary School
    📌 Administration Site, Tala, Caloocan City
  23. Bagbaguin Elementary School
    📌 165 Gen. Luis St., Bagbaguin, Caloocan City
  24. Bagumbong Elementary School
    📌 Bagumbong Taas St., Caloocan City
  25. Caybiga Elementary School
    📌 Gen. Luis St., Caloocan City
  26. Deparo Elementary School
    📌 Deparo Road, Caloocan City
  27. Llano Elementary School
    📌 Llano Road, Caloocan City
  28. Sampaguita Elementary School
    📌 Paraiso St., Caloocan City
  29. Antonio Luna Elementary School
    📌 B36 L1 Northville 2B, Bagumbong, Caloocan City

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