Restaurant Review: Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant, Boracay

In D’Mall Boracay, you’ll find many restaurants offering delectable meals and desserts. A few steps away from Spice Bird Restaurant, you’ll see the Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant.

We just had our lunch from Spice Bird, so our tummies are still full. But Dee wanted to try the sweet treats from Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant, Boracay.

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Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant, Boracay is an open-air type of restaurant. They used earth tones to design their space which gave a cozy ambiance to the diners.


Service time is fast for me since the desserts are readily available from their pastry chiller.


Blueberry Cheesecake (3″ Php 180)
Creamy cheesecake on crunchy graham crust with whipped cream and blueberry topping

I liked the blueberry topping because it has the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. It perfectly matched the light and creamy cheesecake. I also liked the little crunch of graham crust at the end of every bite.

Lemon bar (Php 150)
Lemon filling baked in shortcrust pastry

The lemon filling is creamy with the right amount of sweetness and tanginess. It has the real punch of lemon flavor but has enough sugar to leave a sweet taste resonating in your mouth.

Walnut Brownie (Php 55)
Chocolate brownie with walnut

This brownie has a rich chocolate flavor and is moist.

Coconut Balls (Php 30)
Oats, sugar, butter, and cocoa rolled in coconut

This is a guilt-free dessert option from their menu. It’s easy to eat because it is bite-size. The coconut flakes didn’t overpower the overall taste of this dessert.

Rum Balls (Php 35)
Rum, Sponge cake, and chocolate in a delicious ball

This is another easy-to-eat dessert from their menu. It’s chewy and soft with a hint of alcohol. However, the rum taste didn’t overpower the chocolate taste.

Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant, Boracay

Facebook: Lemonicafe.Boracay
Instagram: lemonicafe.boracay
Address: D’Mall Square, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

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