Restaurant Review: Spice Bird, Boracay

If you wanted to try new restaurants in Boracay, Spice Bird should be on your list!

“PIRI-PIRI,” “PERI-PERI,” or “Bird's Eye” is the name of a bad-ass little chili from Africa that brings explosive flavor to every dish it touches. Out of this, the Portuguese made a fiery sauce that is so good that it has traveled continents. We at Spicebird make our own Piri-Piri Sauce and use it on new dishes to take you on an exciting culinary journey. From Pork, Chicken, and Shrimp Boards to Sandwiches, there is something for everyone in Spicebird.


Their restaurant is conveniently located in the heart of D’Mall Plaza. Their restaurant can be a little jam-packed especially during peak hours so I suggest going there for brunch or late lunch.

Note: They have available high chairs for babies and toddlers.


Service is satisfactory. The crew is attentive to our needs however the serving time can be improved.


Piri-Piri Chicken Skin (Php 95)

For starters, we ordered the Piri-Piri Chicken Skin. The chicken skin is deep-fried to perfection and drizzled with their famous Piri-Piri sauce. I can’t stop munching it! I wished they have a bigger serving size of this.

Piri-Piri Chicken Board (Php 295 for 1/4 Piri-Piri Grilled Chicken)

For our main meal, I ordered the Piri-Piri Chicken Board. This meal is loaded with carbs and protein. It was served with Spiced Rice, Side Salad, Milky Roll, and Veggie Chips. The chicken is tender, juicy, and mildly spiced. I prefer to pair it with their Garlic and Lime sauce.

Piri-Piri Pork Board (Php 320 Piri-Piri Grilled Pork Belly)

Dee ordered the Pork Board. It also included the same sides – Spiced Rice, Side Salad, Milky Roll, and Veggie Chips. The Pork Belly is thick and so tender! The seasoning is on point.

Grilled Bone Marrow with Milky Roll
The star of our lunch is this putok-batok Grilled Bone Marrow!

Sauce Choices
Original Piri-Piri Sauce
Hot Bird Sauce
Garlic & Lime
Salsa Verde

Spice Bird

Facebook: spicebirdgrill
Instagram: spicebirdgrill
Address: Unit 108 D’Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

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