Comprehensive Travel Guide to Boracay

From various tourist destinations here in the Philippines I’m not sure why we chose Boracay for our honeymoon. Yes, you read it right, we spent our honeymoon here after our wedding last November.


When I was younger, I dream to explore the Philippine islands. I promise to myself that one day I’ll travel with my love ones. It never crossed my mind that it would be this soon. I thought that I can only accomplish it if I’m already “successful”. By that I mean, I’m earning a certain salary figure to sustain a travel lifestyle. I never considered that I’m already successful now and has the enough means to fulfill my dreams.


Anyway we had four destination choices – Cebu, Palawan, Davao and Boracay. Initially, we wanted to go somewhere we’ve never been to before.


On 2010, I visited Cebu so we cross it off from our list. When she checked on Davao, Abby thought that we are limited on what activities we can do there. We have not choose Palawan because she thought it seems to be overrated as a honeymoon destination (most of our friends spent their honeymoon here). It also appears to be crowded nowadays. It’s kinda ironic because Boracay is more crowded yet we decided to go here. She have also been here before way back 2006 (she’s a high school senior that time). Fortunately, it’s a lean season during our visit so Boracay is not jam-packed.


Why we decided to go to Boracay for our honeymoon?

Some says  Boracay is not as pristine as it was before. Some says it’s crowded and we won’t find  our much needed privacy. We beg to differ. We think it’s a one stop place for everything we like to do.
If we want a little peace? We’ll go to the Puka Beach!
If we want to try some activities? There are many options available for us!
If we want to dine in a romantic restaurants? There are many establishments available too!
If we want to experience the night life? They have a lot to offer like Pub Crawl.

When to visit?

The climate in Philippines are generally distinguished into two parts: dry and wet seasons. Dry or summer starts on March until May and rest of the months are wet or rainy.

But Boracay season is uniquely classified. Aside from the climate, the seasons in the island are also categorized by an event, occasion, holiday and month. It is divided into three parts:

  • Low Season – June to October
  • High Season – November to January
  • Peak Season – February to May

Note: Rates on accommodation, food, activities, air fare and more vary per season. If you want to minimize the cost of your trip, visit the island during their low season. Take note that low season falls under the rainy month. It’s risky but definitely worth to try!

How to get there?

There are various ways to get here. Let me explain to you in details each ways. And from these you could choose which is the most fitting for you.

Note: If you’ll be coming from Manila, we highly suggest the via plane route


1. If you value time like we do, one hour plane ride is much better than more than 10 hrs ship ride, right?
2. If you’ll book it during seat sales, the cost is relatively the same.

Abby says: “On 2006, airplane costs were soaring up really high. So, when we visited Boracay, we took the longer and cheaper route – Via ship. Our family drove from Manila to Batangas, then shipped from Batangas to Calapan, Mindoro, then  drove again from Calapan to Roxas, then shipped again from Roxas to Caticlan and lastly from Caticlan to Boracay. It was worth more than 24 hours of road and sea trip. And when we got there, we feel so tired to do any activities. If you’ll be coming from Manila, trust me, take the plane instead.”

Regardless of the routes, all of the tourists bound to Boracay will go through Caticlan Jetty Port and ride a boat to the island. Sorry but there’s no other way than this port.


Now you know the ways to get there, let me elaborate each one of them:


1) Via plane by Kalibo
Kalibo Airport ➡️ Bus/Van Ride to Jetty Port ➡️ Boat ride to Boracay

2) Via plane by Caticlan
📌 This is the easiest and most convenient route.
Caticlan Airport ➡️ Tricyle ride to Jetty Port ➡️ Boat ride to Boracay

3) Via ship by Batangas
Manila ➡️ Batangas Port ➡️ Caticlan Jetty Port ➡️ Boat ride to Boracay

4) Via ship by Mindoro
Manila ➡️ Batangas Port ➡️ Calapan ➡️ Roxas Port➡️Caticlan Jetty Port ➡️ Boat ride to Boracay

Mode of Transportation inside the island

  • By Tricycle
    This is the cheapest and most efficient mode of transportation in the island
    Regular rates per head (Hop on-Hop off)
    Station 1 to Station 3 – Php 10
    To Bantud – Php 10
    To Angol, Tulubhan, Ambulong, Mangayad, Crossing, Bolabog, Lagutan, T. Center, Villa Criselda, Charlie’s Bar – Php 15
    To Balabag proper, Pinaungon, Bolabog – Php 25
    To Sinagpa, Fairways, Crossing Din-iwid – Php 30
    Din-iwid, Hagdan, Eco Village – Php 35
    Yapak proper, Puka beach – Php 40
    Regular rates per 5 heads – (Chartered)
    Cagban (Jetty Port) to Station 1-3 – Php 150
    Cagban (Jetty Port) to Yapak – Php 200
    Cagban (Jetty Port) to Bolabog – Php 200
  • By Motorcycles (Rental)
    Underbone bikes – Php 600
    Big bikes – Php 800
  • By ATV (Rental)
    Php 1250 / hr
  • By Bicycle (Rental)
    Mountain Bikes – Php 300

Activities to try

Here are the list of activities you may want to experience while in the island:

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

07:00 AM Estimated time of Check in NAIA
* We have ample time to take our breakfast and to settle in while waiting for our flight.
08:45 AM Estimated time of departure from Manila
09:05 AM Estimated time of arrival in Boracay
11:15 AM Estimated time of arrival on hotel’s ground
* Any hotels/B&B/Inns official check in time is 2:00 PM. So you have approx 3 hours of wait time.

What are your options?
1) You can stay at the hotel’s lobby to surf the internet, read a book, watch a movie and more
2) If the hotel has a swimming pool area, you can dip in the pool.
3) You can also leave your luggage to the hotel’s reception. This will give you ample time to roam around the area.
Note: Valuable items like gadgets, wallets and jewelries shouldn’t be left inside your luggage. Keep it in the bag that you’re bringing with you.

11:30 NN Lunch
12:30 PM  Roam around the area: D’Mall or try Bungee Jumping (Station 3)
02:00 PM Check in / Rest for awhile
05:00 PM Go back to the beach and wait for the sunset
* This is also the best time to book if you are planning to get some activities. As few of them can/must be started as early as 6 in the morning. Ex. Island Hopping
06:00 PM Enjoy the night life in Boracay. You can also walk from Station 1 to Station 3 and you’ll be awe how its sand becomes finer as you get nearer to Station 1.

Day 2 (Non Island Hopping)

06:00 AM Wake up and eat breakfast
07:00 AM Explore Puka Beach
12:00 NN Lunch
*Activity time*
6:00 PM Dinner

Day 3

06:00 AM Wake up and eat breakfast
07:00 AM Fix your things, prepare to leave 🙁
08:30 AM Estimated time of Departure from Boracay

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