The Complete List of Public Elementary Schools in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Here’s the list of top public elementary schools in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

  1. Dona Basilisa Yangco Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ C. CastaΓ±eda St., Mandaluyong
  2. Filemon P. Javier Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ Baranggay San Jose, Mandaluyong
  3. Mandaluyong Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ # 67 Rev. G. Aglipay St. Poblacion, Mandaluyong
  4. Plainview Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ San Ignacio St., Brgy Plainview, Mandaluyong
  5. Renato R. Lopez Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ J.P. Rizal, Mabini J. Rizal, Mandaluyong
  6. Isaac Lopez Integrated School (Isaac Lopez Elementary School)
    πŸ“Œ Ilino Cruz, Brgy. Vergara, Mandaluyong
  7. Hulo Integrated School
    πŸ“Œ E. Pantaleon St., Hulo, Mandaluyong
  8. Mandaluyong Addition Hills Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ M. Martinez Ave., Addition Hills, Mandaluyong
  9. Amado T. Reyes Elementary Schools
    πŸ“Œ Sheridan St., Mandaluyong
  10. Dona Pilar C. Gonzaga Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ M. Gonzaga St,Hagdang Bato Itaas, Mandaluyong
  11. Nueve De Febrero Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ 9 de Febrero st., Mandaluyong
  12. Pedro P. Cruz (Mauway) Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ Maria Clara St. Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong
  13. Pleasant Hills Elementary School
    πŸ“Œ 9 de Pebrero St., Mandaluyong
  14. Andres Bonifacio Integrated School
    πŸ“Œ Welfareville Compound, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong
  15. Highway Hills Integrated School
    πŸ“Œ Calbayog St., Mandaluyong
  16. Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School
    πŸ“Œ Cavo F. Sanchez Street, Mandaluyong
  17. Jose Fabella Memorial School
    πŸ“Œ Welfareville Compound, Mandaluyong, Mandaluyong
  18. Ilaya Barangka Integrated School
    πŸ“Œ Lion’s Road, Barangka Ilaya, Mandaluyong
  19. Addition Hills Integrated School
    πŸ“Œ Acacia Lane Extension, Welfareville Compound, Mandaluyong

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