Top 23 Manila’s Coziest Cafes: Where to Sip and Study

Explore Manila’s top cafes: Check out the best cafes in Manila serving specialty coffee, and offers study-friendly spots in one ultimate list.

Photo by 1919 Grand cafe in Manila

1919 Grand cafe

Grand Cafe 1919 in Binondo, Manila, is your ultimate heritage destination. Treat yourself as a grand guest, savoring a menu designed to delight your heart and palate with an array of indulgent choices.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 7AM to 10PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 150

Photo by BeanBox in Manila


BeanBox is your passport to a Korean gourmet coffee experience in the heart of Manila. Step into a cozy lounge where you can savor the rich flavors of Korean coffee and indulge in a delightful escape.

Operating Hours:

  • Mondays – Saturdays 11AM to 11PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 99

Photo by Belfry Cafe in Manila

Belfry Cafe

Belfry Café offers a unique and historic ambiance, nestled inside the iconic Bell of the Manila Cathedral. Enjoy your coffee amidst the echoes of the past and the beauty of the present in this charming café that blends tradition with a modern coffee experience.

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday 9AM to 9PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 110

Photo by blocleaf café in Manila

blocleaf café

Blocleaf Café is the quintessential neighborhood spot in the heart of Malate, Manila, where you can savor the warmth of sunny cups filled with Philippine specialty coffee.

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday 10AM to 9PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 150

Photo by Café 379 in Manila

Café 379

Café 379 is a hidden gem, perched atop the heart of Sampaloc, offering a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Discover this rooftop oasis where you can enjoy coffee and relaxation with a picturesque view.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 1PM to 11:30PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 145

Photo by Chingu Dachi Cafe+ in Manila

Chingu Dachi Cafe+

Chingu Dachi Cafe+ is your gateway to Korea’s vibrant culture and flavors, right in the heart of Manila. Immerse yourself in the world of KPop and Korean coffee, where you can savor the ‘feels’ and tastes of the hallyu phenomenon in a welcoming and exciting atmosphere.

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday 12NN to 9PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 85

Photo by coffeestreetmanila in Manila


coffeestreetmanila is your destination for a delightful combination of great coffee and delicious food. Step into their cafe to savor the perfect blend of flavors that will satisfy your cravings for both caffeine and culinary delights.

Operating Hours:

  • Mondays to Friday 6:30AM to 11:30PM
  • Saturday 10AM to 7PM 

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 109

Photo by Coze Coffee in Manila

Coze Coffee

Coze Coffee is your friendly neighborhood coffee shop nestled in San Andres Bukid, Manila, dedicated to serving the finest Philippine Specialty Coffee.

Operating Hours:

  • Mondays to Saturday 1PM to 10PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 60

Photo by FANCY DOUGH Bakery + Cafe in Manila

FANCY DOUGH Bakery + Cafe

FANCY DOUGH Bakery + Cafe is the ultimate go-to spot for those in search of the best coffee and delectable pastries. This cafe offers a delightful experience that caters to your cravings with style and flair.

Operating Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday 12NN to 1AM
  • Friday & Saturday 12NN to 2AM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 65

Photo by Hitaka - Higop Tableya Kape in Manila

Hitaka - Higop Tableya Kape

Hitaka, where “higop tableya kape” is the name of the game, is your street-style coffee haven that keeps things simple, affordable, and focused on quality. Savor local coffee and tablea in an unpretentious atmosphere, where the emphasis is on the rich, satisfying flavors that make every visit a delightful experience.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday (except Wednesday & Sunday) 10AM to 10PM
  • Wednesday 10AM to 7PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 47

Photo by IN Cafe Bar in Manila

IN Cafe Bar

IN Cafe Bar, short for Intramuros Café Bar, is a hidden gem nestled within the historic walls of Intramuros. Discover this tranquil garden cafe bar, where you can enjoy a moment of serenity while sipping on your favorite beverages amidst the charm of this historic district.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday 10AM to 8PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 95

Photo by Kapetolyo by SGD Coffee in Manila

Kapetolyo by SGD Coffee

Kapetolyo by SGD Coffee is your gateway to experiencing the finest Philippine coffees sourced from smallholder coffee farmers. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, this cafe offers a coffee journey that celebrates the rich flavors and stories behind each cup.

Operating Hours:

  • Mondays – Thursday 11AM to 9PM
  • Friday – Sunday 9AM to 9PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 95

Photo by La Cathedral Cafe in Manila

La Cathedral Cafe

La Cathedral Cafe, nestled behind the Manila Cathedral Church, is a cozy haven where you can savor hearty dishes and exceptional coffee in a welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy a warm and comforting dining experience while taking in the historic surroundings of this charming cafe.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 8AM to 9PM
  • Friday – Sunday 8AM to 10PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 105

Photo by Latitude Bean+Bar in Manila

Latitude Bean+Bar

Latitude Bean+Bar in Malate, Manila, is your ultimate destination for a seamless transition from coffee to cocktails. With a focus on specialty coffee and a bar that comes alive at night, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the best of both worlds in one vibrant setting.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday 11AM to 7PM
  • Tuesday – Sunday 11AM to 11PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 200

Photo by Mi Café - Otis Manila in Manila

Mi Café - Otis Manila

Mi Cafe is your one-stop destination for a delightful culinary journey that spans from expertly brewed coffee to a delectable array of pasta, pizza, pastries, and beyond. With a diverse menu, it’s the perfect spot to savor a variety of flavors in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 11AM to 10PM
  • Friday – Sunday 11AM to 11PM
Photo by Midnight Coffee in Manila

Midnight Coffee

Midnight Coffee is more than just your typical coffee shop; it’s a late-night haven where you can enjoy quality coffee and unwind until 3 AM. Located in downtown Manila, it’s the perfect neighborhood spot for night owls seeking a caffeine fix and a cozy atmosphere well into the early morning hours.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 11AM to 3AM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php115

Photo by Obscure Café in Manila

Obscure Café

Obscure Café invites you to appreciate the beauty of simplicity with its elegant white and wood decor, offering a menu that includes caffeine and non-caffeine beverages, as well as a selection of pastas, sandwiches, and pastries. With its serene ambiance, it’s the ideal space for productivity, where you can enjoy delicious fare while getting your work done.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 10AM to 12MN

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 90

Photo by SASA CAFE in Manila


SASA CAFE is where every sip transforms into a blissful experience, filling your moments with the joyous essence of happy thoughts. Indulge in their offerings and let the delightful flavors uplift your spirits, making each visit a journey of pure delight.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 8AM to 10:30AM
Photo by Sun Café Manila in Manila

Sun Café Manila

Sun Café Manila is your ultimate “Rise and Grind” destination, where you can kickstart your day with a jolt of energy from their expertly brewed coffee. With a focus on quality caffeine, it’s the perfect place for early birds and coffee enthusiasts looking to fuel their day with a strong and flavorful start.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 9AM to 10PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 140

Photo by Sutajio Coffee in Manila

Sutajio Coffee

Sutajio Coffee is a haven for creativity, where every visitor can embrace their inner artist in a uniquely designed space that exudes cozy vibes, perfect for relaxing and sharing stories with loved ones. The focus on crafting unique and comfortable experiences is evident, offering expertly brewed hot and cold drinks made from the finest international and locally roasted coffee beans.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Wednesday 10AM to 8PM
  • Thursday – Friday 8AM to 10PM
  • Saturday – Sunday 10AM to 8PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 89

Photo by The Den in Manila

The Den

The Den is a captivating realm where the aromatic embrace of coffee intertwines with the inspiring essence of art culture. Step into a space that beckons artists and coffee aficionados alike, inviting them to create, converse, and appreciate the beauty that arises from this harmonious fusion.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 10AM to 6PM
Photo by The Library Cafe by Gourmet Farms in Manila

Ground Floor, Ramon Magsaysay Building, Roxas Blvd, Malate

The Library Cafe by Gourmet Farms offers a nostalgic coffee experience, presenting pour-over and traditional coffees that evoke cherished flavors, all within the iconic design of Manila. Indulge in a sensory journey through a diverse range of coffee profiles, reminiscent of beloved tastes, while basking in the ambiance of a design haven.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday 8AM to 8PM
  • Sunday 8AM to 5PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 115

Photo by Vitals Coffee in Manila

Vitals Coffee

Vitals Coffee & Bread is your destination for embracing the philosophy of “no bad days” through the power of great coffee. Get your daily caffeine fix and uplift your spirits with every sip, knowing that here, good coffee leads to good vibes.

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday 10AM to 10PM

☕︎ A Cup of Coffee 

Coffee starts at Php 120

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