Gentle + Classical Press: Unit 1 Activities

In my previous blog, I shared that we are using the Gentle + Classical Press Curriculum. As promised, here are the activities that we DIY for Unit 1.

I created memory statements that we use as a display and what we read each morning. Here is the pdf file

When printing, use the following settings:

    • Layout: Landscape
    • Pages: All
    • Scale: Fit to printable area
    • Pages per sheet: 4


I am the good sheperd. John 10:11

This is part of our morning basket’s memory statement.

Character & Catechism

Who made you? God

Another part of our memory statement. I also read her a story “And so the world began” from – The First Bible Stories. Get similar book here.


Tadpoles turn into frog

Audrey enjoyed playing with the frog life cycle action figure. Here are the links:

Spider Life Action Figure
Frog Life Cycle by Lavinia Pop
Into the Woods Scrapbook by Loretta Krupinski
* I got my copy from Book for Less

Math + Basic Skills

Count to 5

Wood Counting Board This is a set of 10. I just purchased additional wooden beads

Social Studies

Days of the Week

Downloaded a worksheet at Kindergarten Worksheets & Games

Health + Safety

My name is Audrey Roman

For her Health and Safety subject, since she already knows here name, I let her flip through her baby book. 

Motor Skills


Language Arts

ABC Song

For Language and Arts, we watched and danced on a Youtube video. It is ABC Phonics song

Unit Letter


That’s it! Our first week isn’t easy as it looks like. We have a lot to learn and I’m happy to share our journey with you. 

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