When it comes to baby products, Johnson’s has always been on top of the list. After all, they are in this industry for 125 years! Recently, they had their biggest relaunch as they showcase their Gentlest Range of Baby Products and introduce Johnson’s CottonTouch. View this post on Instagram New formulation, same love. 💙 #ChooseGentle with the NEW Johnson’s® , now 100% gentle & designed for ZERO irritation, whatever age or stage your baby may be. 👶🏻🍼 ASC Ref code J089P053119J A post shared by Johnson’s Philippines (@johnsonsbabyph) on Jun 4, 2019 at 4:43am PDT I was one of the few lucky mommas to receive a PR kit before the…


    My mom is a great homemaker. I always thought it was an easy job because she’s at home and ‘ONLY’ takes care of us. Now that I became a mom too, I realized that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Home management is not a walk in the park. Our generation is so blessed because there are now workshops that tackle home management. Last July 20, I was one of the tag-along of Isabel Dizon on the Neat Obsession’s Home Management workshop facilitated by Ms. Issa Guico Reyes. It was sponsored by the Moneygment app, Kurin Water, Elephantique and Recovery Mode. Today, I’ll be sharing my 8 key…


    Bubble Baby is a Baby Bottle Cleanser & Utensil Cleanser manufactured by Mikewell W.H.P. Corp. The same company that makes Bubble Man!


    Modern-day motherhood comes with new technologies that will make our lives easier. One of them is parenting applications! Let me introduce to you to MApp – Motherhood made easy!

  • Meet AweSAHM

    Modern stay at home mom is probably the loneliest job in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a SAHM because I have the privilege to witness all of Audrey’s milestones. But even though I’m not alone, I sometimes feel lonely. Society always portrays SAHM as a glamorous role. Your hubby has this big paycheck to support you and your growing family. But what they don’t talk about is the isolation of SAHM and somewhere along the way you lost your identity as a woman. Sure, you are a good mom and a good wife. But have you asked yourself, what happened to your dreams? your old passion?…

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